Super Bowl 57 Latest Trading Odds

Super Bowl 57 Latest Trading Odds

It may have only been a few weeks since the 2022 Super Bowl, but already eyes are turning to the next one.

With a whole host of trades taking place, we look at the big winners and losers in the market and who are the favorites and outsiders now the rosters for each team have become that bit clearer.

Still leading the way in the odds, it’s the Buffalo Bills at around +650, give or take, depending on where you bet.

Odds fluctuated as Tom Brady retired and then unretired, quarterbacks including the likes of Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson got traded, Aaron Rodgers committed his future to the Green Bay Packers and Tyreek Hill left the Kansas City Chiefs and headed to Miami with the Dolphins.

Heading into the off-season, the main 2 talking points were regarding Tom Brady’s retirement and the future of Aaron Rodgers.

In the end, Rodgers stayed with the Green Bay Packers and signed the largest contract in NFL history. This originally saw the odds of a win a Super Bowl 57 for the Packers move from +1,500 to +750, however, they have since dropped back to +1,200 after Davante Adams left for the Las Vegas Raiders and Tom Brady reversed his retirement decision and return to the Bucs.

That saw the Bucs move to second favorite in the betting, they are currently +750.

One left-sided trade that very few people saw coming was Russell Wilson joining the Denver Broncos. Many people in the know expected the Broncos to sign Rodgers before he chose to stay put. Although Wilson made it clear he wanted to leave Seattle, he was expected to join the likes of Tampa Bay, Washington or New Orleans. The signing of Wilson sees the broncos move from +1,800 to around +1,200, then back to +1,500 as of now.

The Houston Texans offloaded Deshaun Watson but not as expected to the Atlanta Falcons or New Orleans Saints. At the last moment, the Cleveland Browns came in and secure a deal, seeing their odds move a huge amount, from +3,500 down to +1,700.

Carson Wentz was another Quarter Back on the move, leaving the Indianapolis Colts for the Washington Commanders. It led to a number of other moves including Matt Ryan leaving the Atlanta Falcons for The Colts and the Falcons adding Marcus Mariota as his replacement.

Expect a few other teams such as Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks to add Quarterbacks too.

Latest Odds for the Super Bowl 57 Trading:

3/23/2022 2/14/2022
Buffalo Bills +650 +700
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +750 +2200
Kansas City Chiefs +900 +700
Green Bay Packers +900 +1500
LA Rams +1100 +1000
Denver Broncos +1500 +1800
San Francisco 49ers +1500 +1400
Dallas Cowboys +1600 +1400
LA Chargers +1600 +2500
Cleveland Browns +1700 +3500
Cincinnati Bengals +1800 +1200
Indianapolis Colts +2000 +2500
Baltimore Ravens +2200 +1800
Arizona Cardinals +2200 +2500
Tennessee Titans +2800 +2200
New England Patriots +4000 +2500
Minnesota Vikings +4000 +3500
Las Vegas Raiders +4000 +5000
Miami Dolphins +4000 +4000
Philadelphia Eagles +4500 +4000
New Orleans Saints +5000 +3000
Washington Commanders +6000 +5000
Pittsburgh Steelers +6500 +4000
New York Giants +9000 +6500
Carolina Panthers +10000 +5000
Atlanta Falcons +10000 +5000
Chicago Bears +10000 +6500
Seattle Seahawks +10000 +3500
Jacksonville Jaguars +10000 +8000
Detroit Lions +15000 +15000
New York Jets +20000 +15000
Houston Texans +20000 +15000

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