The Mirage in Vegas to Close Down

The Mirage in Vegas to Close Down

Las Vegas is one of the most important cities for casino fans in the US and the world. It has many casino venues and they have been changing over the years. Some have come while others have gone. Certain brand names have disappeared entirely and others have taken their place.

The Mirage is one casino venue that has been around for ages. It’s a well-known and respected establishment that is rumored to close down. There have been other establishments that closed down for various reasons and it seems that the Mirage will follow in their footsteps.

The Coming and Going of Vegas Casinos

Caesar’s Entertainment and MGM Resorts International have multiple establishments across Vegas that have remained stable more or less. Just like in business, companies come and go. Some come back with a bang, while others remain lost.

Throughout the years, a lot of casinos have given way to other establishments. The Dunes was a pretty big and popular venue up until 1993. The Sands venue became the Venetian that glowed on the Strip and Hacienda turned into Mandalay Bay.

Even Hard Rock closed down without making much of a noise. Caesar’s Planet Hollywood used to be the Aladdin. Then there’s the El Rancho casino that burned down, unfortunately, but its space is soon to become the Fontainbleau resort. Even the Boardwalk and Stardust were mowed down to make way for something new.

As mentioned before, some casinos stay while others close down their doors. The Strip remains the Strip as new casino resorts and establishments keep coming in. The Mirage is another casino that’s expected to go, so casino fans might say goodbye to another iconic venue. This is a speculation based on recent information.

Will the Mirage Really Go?

The Mirage is owned by MGM Grand, or rather, was owned by it until 2021 when it was sold to Hard Rock International. But the books haven’t been closed on the transaction and until they are no changes would come to the Mirage.

Meanwhile, Hard Rock International has mentioned minor details about the changes that will take place. In other words, the Mirage Volcano will transform into a Guitar Hotel.

But the company hasn’t been straightforward with information regarding the Mirage towers. Recent information has emerged and there’s a possibility that the Mirage Towers will close down.

So, Mirage fans will likely lose a favorite venue to enjoy their games in. But they have plenty of other casino venues to visit. They will likely adapt to the closing down of their favorite venue and will enjoy their favorite game elsewhere. It’s the natural flow of things, casinos come and go, and customers will either stay or move to a better venue.


It seems that not even popular venues are immune to being closed down or sold. Certain brands rise while others fall and clients go with this flow as well. We’ll see what the Mirage turns into under new management and if the place is successful or not. Who knows? Maybe the Mirage will be back one day.