The Mirage to Disappear in Vegas

The Mirage to Disappear in Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the many casino cities in the world. It has lots of such venues to offer which is why it’s called Sin City. But brand names don’t stay the same throughout the years.

Some of them get bigger which is why they swallow other brands. The same can be said for MGM as it’s going to sell the Mirage in Vegas to Hard Rock and reshape it completely. MGM is pretty close to closing the deal on the Mirage which means that attraction will no longer be available in Vegas.

The Mirage Is Bought by Another Brand

As mentioned before, big brands get bigger or smaller which is why they dominate Vegas or are dominated by the bigger ones. Casinos on the Strip have been taken over by many companies and this cycle will continue in the future.

It just so happens that the MGM brand is in a better position nowadays which is why it’s selling the Mirage. The deal is over a billion dollars and after it’s closed the Hard Rock brand name will take over the Mirage. Naturally, it’s going to change certain things. One of the things is to introduce Hard Rock’s Unity Rewards which is a system of rewards for loyal players. The ones that enjoyed the MGM system of rewards will continue to do so in other MGM venues.

The things that Hard Rock is going to honor include comps, reservations, and other arrangements that the guests have made with the casino complex. The Mirage Volcano will also no longer be around as it will be replaced by a Guitar Hotel which will be part of the complex. The deal is yet to be closed as the finishing touches still are in negotiations

These things happen once in a while. Big brands tend to get bigger if they play their cards right and that’s how they can buy top locations like the ones on the Strip. Currently, the MGM brand is doing pretty well which is why it’s expanding.

More expansions will mean more presence of the brand in Vegas. The casino industry will not forget the likes of the Mirage as it’s going to be remembered. It’s also possible that the brand will come back stronger than ever and buy back its location on the Strip. It’s also possible that the brand is going to expand elsewhere with the money gotten from the deal.

The Mirage is soon going to be reshaped into a Hard Rock casino complex and will continue to entertain Vegas and any tourist looking to enjoy a casino night out or a night out at one of the complex’s bars and restaurants.


The Mirage is a brand associated with Vegas. But so is MGM, a brand that is currently selling the Mirage to Hard Rock, another big casino brand. The Mirage will soon be another Hard Rock venue where tourists and casino fans alike will be able to enjoy their favorite activities.