The Vegas Strip Gets New Casino

The Vegas Strip Gets New Casino

Vegas is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention casinos in the United States. There are lots of brand names available and new casinos are making an appearance as well. This is why it’s never boring on the Strip.

The new brand name that announced a brand new casino on the Strip is the Dream Hotel Group. This group announced a new hotel and casino resort on Las Vegas boulevard. This project will have a giant casino that’s going to take up 20,000 square feet as well as a hotel with 531 rooms.

A New Casino Announced, a New One To Be Opened

Old casinos go so that new ones can take their place. New brands step in to give casino fans more interesting casinos. They are better designed and offer more stuff such as more casino rooms, more games as well as bars and restaurants.

The Dream Hotel Group is going to build a hotel-casino resort that will have a variety of things to offer all its visitors. It’s a project that weighs $550 million and it’s bound to be finished by 2024. The Strip will get a new casino, and casino fans and tourists will get a new place to visit and enjoy. But this isn’t the only new casino on the Strip.

Another new casino has been in development for over 20 years. This is known as the Fountainbleau Project and it’s a massive one. The project will offer over 3,000 rooms. It will also offer lots of retail shops, as well as a nice casino. It’s also worth noting that this will be the first luxury hotel that Vegas has seen in 15 years. This project is slowly coming to a close and it’s bound to open its doors sometime in 2023.

Naturally, brand names present on the Strip are looking to expand which is why they’re getting into different projects. This means that the face of the Strip is changing as new projects are happening. With these changes, casino resorts will be bigger and better.

They’ll offer more games on larger casino floors, more bars, restaurants, and swankier hotels with more rooms. In other words, they’ll be more attractive than their predecessors which is why they’re going to draw big crowds of casino fans and tourists alike. Like it or not, the Strip is changing and the casinos are changing with it.

The Dream Hotel Group is in the beginning stages of its project and the Fountainbleau project is slowly finishing up. Both will be fine additions to the Strip and will actively take part in changing the way people enjoy Las Vegas.


There are all sorts of projects taking place on the Strip and in other casino capitals of the world. They are changing the way these locations look and giving casino fans more opportunities to enjoy themselves. With bigger floors, more games, bars, rooms, and restaurants these new projects will usher in a new era of gaming.