The Venetian Casino Gains a Millionaire

The Venetian Casino Gains a Millionaire

Winners come and go, and some wins are so spectacular that they deserve applause. The Venetian casino was host to such a win recently and its casino got richer by gaining a millionaire with a simple side bet.

The guest decided to remain anonymous after his life was turned around that faithful night at The Venetian casino. The game he went for was poker and the game was part of a chain of games connected to a progressive jackpot. The side bet was a bet of a small amount that got him a huge win.

From Zero to Hero

The anonymous guest decided to play some poker that night. Poker might have been the guest’s favorite table game or not, but The Venetian was definitely a place the guest liked to visit. The variant of poker was Three Card Poker.

This as well as some other poker games were part of the group of poker titles that was tied to a progressive jackpot. The beauty of this progressive jackpot is that it starts at $1 million and there’s no telling how high it can go. But this jackpot came with a condition.

The player that won the jackpot would need to land a natural spade royal flush and place a side bet. The odds of that are phenomenal which is why a lot of players must have tried to get the right card combination.

The guest was at the table for some time getting all sorts of card combinations and values. But suddenly the guest managed to get the spade royal flush at which point the guest placed the side bet. The value of the side bet was $5. This seems like a small sum and it might have been a tactful placement.

In other words, the guest didn’t know the chances of winning such a jackpot which is why the guest went for a smaller amount. The mystery person didn’t know if there would be a win at all. But all that changed in the next minute.

The stars aligned, lady luck was on the guest’s side and the guest turned a $5 side bet into a $1,040,235 prize after hitting the jackpot. The Venetian’s mysterious person became a new millionaire and decided to remain anonymous as the guest’s life changed overnight.


The Venetian casino was host to a regular becoming a millionaire. Casino wins can turn players’ lives around as this story proves. But getting a progressive jackpot is hard even when playing online. In other words, the guest was a lucky person.