Transformation of Southport’s The Grand Casino

Transformation of Southport's The Grand Casino

How One Businessman Bought the Casino He Took His Wife To On Their First Date Over 23 Years Ago

Love comes in mysterious ways and in some unexpected places. You can meet the love of your life at a bus station, in the supermarket, or take her out on a date in a casino. This is what happened to businessman Andrew Mikhail back when he was a young man.

He decided on a girl and decided to take her out on a first date, as happens in every relationship. The place they went for was a restaurant at the Grand Casino which was part of the resort. He wanted to show off how suave he is and how good of a casino player he was. This is how boys usually like to act on first dates and Andrew was no exception.

Sadly his false gaming persona didn’t work and he lost a lot of money. Luckily, he still had enough to pay for dinner and find another way to impress Vicky. The date was a success as 26 years later he and Vicky are now husband and wife.

After the Date: The Following Years

Andrew and his then-girlfriend decided to stick together and he managed to turn one good night into another. He understood the value of places at that time and that may have been his reason for going into business and becoming one pretty successful businessman. Throughout the years this British entrepreneur has had a couple of companies. Some of them aren’t active today but it’s all about making the most of what you have.

But 2021 was an unfortunate year for Andrew as he was struck by Covid. He and his wife were transported to intensive care and made it out. Once he recovered, he decided to take on an ambitious plan as he already proved strong enough for the virus. He decided to buy and mold the Grand Casino into something new. As well as some of the places surrounding it.

The Sentimental Value of the Casino

The Grand Casino was a luxurious building back in the day. Sure it had a lot of gaming rooms, but it had a restaurant too. In this restaurant, Andrew and Vicky went out for the first time and that’s why the casino has a sentimental value. As time passed the casino closed shop and remained a ruin until Andrew bought it.

He morphed it into several venues such as The Grand Brasserie and Chloe’s Piano bar which are due to open in mid-July 2022. Moreover, there will be a Princess Grace Suite that will be available for weddings and it’s set to be done by Christmas.

In addition to this, Andrew already owns the Lord Street Hotel, the renewed Southport Market, and other venues and will take them to the next level by giving them a luxurious touch.

What surprises him is the fact that the Grand remained a ruin for some time and it used to be a special place filled with people and a place he met his future wife. The surrounding venues as well as the former casino establishment had sentimental value for him because they evoke fond memories.

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