Trio Jailed for Mugging Casino Winner

Trio Jailed for Mugging Casino Winner

Casinos are popular all across the world, Ireland included. As it happens, there are venues all across the country and casino fans are looking to win. Those that do will have to make an extra effort to stay safe.

Some of them choose to be anonymous for this reason. Recently, one such winner was mugged on her way home by 2 people. A third one shadowed her at the casino and was communicating with the other 2. But the police got down to the matter and arrested all 3 eventually.

An Organized Mugging Uncovered by the Police

The Irish woman was a regular at the casino and was looking to enjoy some casino games. She managed to win a prize of €23,000 at the casino located in the city center. She was happy she had won a prize and was looking to get home. It wasn’t until she had gotten home that she was mugged.

She was taking something out of her post office box when 2 people dragged her down and mugged her. She reported the incident to the police and they got down to it. The police managed to arrest Connolly and Nicola.

The thing about Nicola is that he managed to evade the police for 5 years. He left Ireland but was brought back to the country. Both he and his accomplice Connolly pleaded guilty to the crime. Connolly got 5 years of prison and 2 of those were suspended whereas Nicola got 4 and a half years, out of which 18 months were suspended recently. The third man was also caught.

His name is Brian English and he was the spotter that communicated with both assailants via phone messages. This was proven when the CCTV footage showed English at the casino. The footage also showed him taking out his phone to write messages to the other men.

That’s why Connolly’s phone was taken when he was arrested. The police saw the messages which were further proof of his involvement in the mugging. There was also a van with fake registration plates involved, but the police managed to track it down.

The woman was unlucky to be mugged, but she did well in reporting the mugging to the police. Moreover, the police got down to business and managed to track the assailants and the spotter. Detectives were employed in tracking them down and got them eventually.

This is another case that shows you that crime doesn’t pay. Casino winners should be extra careful when going home after a win because some unsavory characters might follow them home and take their winnings. Extra precautions are always a good idea.


It’s unfortunate what happened to that Irish woman, but she was lucky the police managed to arrest the culprits. This is another reason why casino winners need to take better care of themselves when they’re coming home from a successful night at the casino. This way, they’ll be able to prevent anyone from taking their winnings.