Twitch Streamers Reveal Betting Scam

Twitch Streamers Reveal Betting Scam

Twitch is a famous platform where people can stream anything they play or do. Mostly, it’s made up of gamers with silent walkthroughs or walkthroughs with commentary. The range of games includes various online and offline titles.

Some of these streamers are casino streamers and they film themselves doing so. They stream huge wins and get a lot of views which means they have a platform and a large audience. A casino streamer called Sliker used the platform to confess that he’d swindled around $200,000 of his fans’ money to fuel his betting addiction.

The Sliker Avalanche

Sliker was a well-respected streamer and had lots of viewers. His big audience led to big donations and that helped Sliker continue his profitable hobby. But he liked placing bets on CS: GO. In the game, you can unlock various kinds of skins for characters and weapons which can later be sold to other players or used as betting chips to bet on the outcome of matches.

Common skins aren’t that valuable, but rare ones are and there’s a chance that players can get a bigger prize if they bet properly. Besides his fans, Sliker asked for money from other streamers as well. HasanAbi was one of them and when he heard Sliker’s confession he was shocked because Sliker asked him for money because of financial difficulties.

This was a sign that some streamers had been waiting for. Streamers Mizkif, Devin, and Pokimaine have decided to take action against Twitch in that regard. It was revealed that a huge portion of Twitch revenue comes from casino streams and the platform’s less than strict policy in that regard.

They believe that the platform should be against such streams and they have taken action against Twitch. All of them have sent complaints to the platform, but they have yet to receive a response. This is why they came up with a second option: they will strike on Christmas week this year to prove their point.

Sliker’s confession video prompted streamers xQc and Ludwig to help the fans that were scammed out of their money. They launched an operation that will help them get the funds to anyone with proof of giving money to Sliker.

The Sliker Avalanche has spiked another kind of response from casino streamers. Trainwreck, a famous slots streamer, stated that in these kinds of cases people forget the fundamental truth: that the people behind them are to blame not the case games themselves. Other streamers were surprised to see the matter pursued with such vigor and had only wished that more serious issues, such as racism and misogyny, were tackled with the same energy.


This is another story of addiction and it’s a complex one. Sliker did the right thing in admitting his fault which will help him climb out of a deep hole. There’s still the question regarding the platform’s stance on casino streams and how the streamers fighting for it to be changed will react in the future. In short, time will tell the development of the matter.