Two Kings Casino Investigation Nearing End

Two Kings Casino Investigation Nearing End

Tribal casinos are a common occurrence in the States. There are lots of them available and they operate on tribal territory exclusively. The Indian Gaming Act is there to regulate their operations and keep the tribes safe.

A Two Kings Casino is currently under investigation for breaching the same act. The investigation has been going on for quite some time and it’s expected to be over by the end of this year. The casino’s financial deals have been brought under question which is why a federal investigation is underway.

The Tribe is Under Investigation, and A Temporary Casino Opened

Various acts exist for the purpose of regulating casino operations. The Indian Gaming Act is there to help the operation of tribal casinos. The Two Kings Casino in question falls under this category as it has been built on Catawba territory.

The casino was brought under investigation because there was a ground lease between the venue and King Mountain Sky Boat Partners LLC. For such a lease the casino would need approval from the gaming commission which it didn’t seek. That’s why its managerial authority has been brought under question and why there’s an ongoing investigation.

As mentioned before, the investigation could be finished by the end of this year. The aim of it is to find out if the Catawba Tribe has a propriety interest in the venue. Additionally, it’s also going to find out if the tribe had gotten the approval for the casino construction and operation.

The Indian Gaming Act is there to keep tribes safe in these kinds of matters. It’s also there to make sure that no organized crime or form of corruption will jeopardize the tribes’ gaming operations. On another note, a temporary Two Kings Casino has recently opened its doors in South Carolina.

The temporary casino was constructed to give casino fans in the area a taste of what’s to come. In other words, the Catawba tribe has the proper authority to build a new casino in Cleveland County that’s going to stretch 17 acres. The temporary casino has 500 slot machines to offer which will be increased twofold by December. It also has 30 betting kiosks to offer. When the investigation is over the casino will start the construction process.

This is another good project for the community for several reasons. Staffing and constructing the casino will require a significant workforce which the community will provide and the state will enjoy its fair share of taxes. Casino fans will have another spot to visit and tourists can enjoy the casino’s venues too.

But everything needs to be according to regulations which is why the new casino hasn’t been built yet.


Regulations exist to be followed and each casino project needs to follow the proper trajectory before it’s built and operational. The investigation regarding the casino will be completed and will reveal if the tribe breached any regulations and if it did it will be punished accordingly. If not, the new casino can be constructed.