Undercover in Vegas: Ex-FBI Agent Embezzled Government Money

Undercover in Vegas: Ex-FBI Agent Embezzled Government Money

Las Vegas is home to all sorts of players and some of them come from government agencies like the FBI. Agents like to play casino games and there’s no shame in that. But a problem arises when agents use government money to play games.

One such agent was doing an undercover assignment in New York. As an FBI agent, he was given some money to spend, but he didn’t spend it on food or drinks or sustenance in general. Instead, he decided to go to Vegas and play a game or two. Recently, his behavior caught up with him which is why he’s facing jail time.

Undercover Money Isn’t Casino Money

Going undercover is dangerous and it takes a strong person to do that. FBI trains agents for this purpose and they are given all the necessary preparation before they go out in the field. Once they do, they will need to settle into the mission and find someplace to live. In other words, the agent needs to make his undercover life believable. That’s why the agent or agents get some money from the FBI for expenses such as rent, food, and even bribes and some illegal activities they need to do so they can prove their worth.

This was the case with Scott Carpenter, an undercover agent at the time he was stationed in New York. He and his colleagues on the same mission got a certain amount of money to keep themselves sustained. But Scott had another idea and he was in charge of the money.

Instead of distributing the money to him and his colleagues, he decided to visit Vegas. The Bellagio was the casino he wanted to visit and he did. When he got there he decided to play some blackjack at one of the tables and once he sat down he managed to spend $13,500. He lost all the money then and now his crime has caught up with him.

His lawyer was doing his best to defend him by stating that he was a former agent and served in the US military. Carpenter also stated that he was trying to get the money back, but he didn’t manage to succeed. The judge saw the points but stated that with behavior like Scott’s people lose their trust in government agents and agencies. The most mitigating circumstance was that he admitted to spending the money on blackjack. He was allowed to serve his sentence in home confinement.

In the line of duty discipline is the most important thing. The same can be said when playing casino games online and offline. You’ll need to be careful with your budget and never go spending other people’s money.


Always have a budget for a gaming session and don’t go over its limit. Keeping a cool head will help you stay disciplined with your money when playing online or offline casino games. The moral of this story will help you nudge yourself in that direction.