Victim of $1 Million Watch Heist Files Lawsuit Against Tropicana Las Vegas

Victim of $1 Million Watch Heist Files Lawsuit Against Tropicana Las Vegas

A Sacramento resident, Raimond Irimescu, is pursuing legal action against both the Tropicana Las Vegas and the ride-hailing giant, Uber. This comes in the wake of a harrowing incident in which he was targeted in a high-stakes heist that resulted in injuries amounting to over a million dollars in losses. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has brought this alarming incident to public attention.

Raimond Irimescu co-owns “Paul’s Watch Repair” in Sacramento, a family business specializing in high-end, second-hand timepieces. Irimescu was visiting Las Vegas in October 2021 to participate in the prestigious International Watch & Jewelry Guild expo held at the Tropicana.

A Brutal Assault

On October 19, while Irimescu was seated in an Uber vehicle within the casino’s forecourt, a white minivan and a gray SUV aggressively maneuvered onto the property, ultimately blocking the Uber car’s path. What ensued was nothing short of terrifying. According to the lawsuit filed in the Clark County District Court on Monday, about four assailants, all clad in black attire and black-and-white masks, swiftly emerged from the white minivan and gray SUV. They forcefully shattered the windows of the vehicle that Irimescu was traveling in, launching a “vicious” assault on the plaintiff. This brutal encounter left Irimescu with debilitating injuries. The assailants also made off with two luggage bags and a backpack, which contained the high-value watches that Irimescu had exhibited at the expo.

Tropicana’s Security Shortcomings

The lawsuit levels serious allegations against the Tropicana, asserting that it failed to provide adequate security for an event that naturally attracts high-value merchandise and, consequently, criminal elements. The expo advertises itself as “the world’s most active central exchange for acquiring, buying, selling, and trading fine watches, vintage, collectible timepieces, estate jewelry, and important diamonds.” Irimescu’s legal complaint claims that the casino’s negligence, carelessness, and recklessness led to an insufficient security presence during the event. Furthermore, it alleges that Tropicana failed to ensure a safe environment for the plaintiff.

Uber’s Responsibility

Meanwhile, Uber and the Uber driver named in the lawsuit also bear responsibility in ensuring the safety of their customers, which Irimescu argues they failed to do. The lawsuit contends that Uber was negligent in failing to assess the potential risks associated with the high-profile trade show. rewrite the sentence to be 100% unique and different: The plaintiff argues that Uber does not adequately train its agents in passenger safety or perform comprehensive background checks on its employees.

As of now, neither the owners of Tropicana, Bally’s Corp., nor Uber have responded to requests for comments regarding this ongoing legal case.

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