Woman Charged With Stealing $50,000 From a Casino Player

Woman Charged With Stealing $50,000 From a Casino Player

Casino wins attract a lot of attention. The winner will get congratulated by everyone, but not everyone has the winner’s best interest in mind. That’s why winners need to be careful when someone walks up to them when they’re at the bar celebrating.

It just so happens that one such winner was at a bar one night and he met 2 women there. After a brief conversation, he decided to go with them to his hotel room. Fast forward a little bit and he wakes up without his winnings and his possessions, and no women in sight.

Vanishing Women and Belongings

The police got down to work and collected evidence to find the suspects. They managed to track both of the women down. It was revealed that one of them stayed with the casino winner, and the other one left. The police checked the video surveillance footage and it turned out that the winner went to the room with both women, and one of them left the room 5 minutes later.

The second woman was identified as Danette Colbert. The winner accused her of drugging him and leaving with his possessions. It was true that they were drinking as the man admitted to fixing them drinks. But he was distracted by the other woman which caused him to pay her $200 to leave.

After she left, the man didn’t seem to remember anything. He claimed he was drugged because he woke up on his bed and none of his belongings were there. This includes his iPhone and Rolex watch, a Louis Vuitton bag, and satchel as well as $11,000 in casino chips and $50,000 in cash.

Colbert was seen leaving the hotel room on camera with a black bag and she denied having stolen the bag, saying instead that it was given to her. She was charged with theft as well as using drugs to commit a crime. She posted a surety bond and was released but her case is still ongoing. And this wasn’t her first time.

Not Her First Time

She had been arrested again for committing the same crime. The victim was drugged by force as one woman pulled his head and another poured a drink down his throat. This was confirmed by the police as a powdery substance was found in the room after a search was conducted. The woman stole a pricey watch that was worth $60,000 as well as his credit card, and $1,500 in casino chips.

Colbert was charged with grand larceny, but posted a surety bond this time and was released. This and her current case are still ongoing and she may be facing additional punishment for her crimes. This New Orleans woman seems to be a predator for casino players as she has been caught doing the same thing twice.


This is a story that illustrates why casino winners and players should be careful. Don’t go talking to every person that walks up to you at a bar and make sure you aren’t followed on your way home. Alternatively, you can play casino games online and eliminate all these issues as the winnings are directly transferred to your account.