Woman Left Children Unattended to Play Poker

Woman Left Children Unattended to Play Poker

The Dark Route of Addiction: Woman Left Children Unattended to Play Poker

Casino games can be fun, but only if you enjoy them responsibly. Besides the potential wins, there are other benefits to casino games. Table games like poker can keep your mind sharp and if you’re not in it for the money, then you can always play poker at social casinos. But this wasn’t the case with Icese Lsporsha Simmons.

This woman enjoyed a poker game once in a while, but she had her kids with her. The desire to play poker overwhelmed her desire to be a mother because she left them unattended in a car just so she could visit the nearest casino.

She was arrested for doing so and is now facing a bond of $15,000 for her behavior.

When Addiction Seeps In

Simmons was already known to the police because she had previously neglected her children 2 times. She is a mother of 3 so life is probably tough on her. Playing casino games is something she enjoys which is why she likes a trip to the casino.

She decided to go to the Seminole Rock Casino in Hollywood and play a hand or two. She might have won some and lost some, but time kept going either way. Her kids were in the car for over 3 hours and were discovered by Seminole police.

The children were left unattended without food or water. She was taken to bond court and was given a bond of $15,000. It was also revealed that she had previously done the same thing 2 times. The legal action that was taken against her will serve as a reminder of her motherly duties.

Unfortunately, this is one of the few cases where addiction to casino games can lead to an unfavorable outcome. Perhaps this will serve as a lesson that Miss Simmons will remember whenever she thinks of her motherly duties the next time she thinks of poker.

Addiction to poker or any other casino game can indeed be devastating to a person’s life and cause that person to neglect their career, family, children, and even life.

Whenever anyone struggles with addiction, that person should get the courage to ask for help. Sometimes this step will be the hardest one in the journey, but it’s better than continuing to make the same mistake that might ruin your life.


Addiction to poker or casino games, in general, can be tough to deal with. That’s why online casinos offer a variety of measures to help players with this. Keeping quiet won’t do, so step up and ask for help.