Wynn’s to Open UAE Casino

Wynn’s to Open UAE Casino

The United Arab Emirates is one of the amazing places that people like to visit. Businesses like to open offices there because of the exquisite locations which are why if you ever have the chance to visit the country you’ll see lots of companies there.

Recently, Wynn’s brand name decided to join the list of other brands in the UAE with its own casino. This is supposed to happen in 2026. If everything goes well, then Wynn’s will be the only casino in the Ras Al Khaimah emirate to operate without competition.

A Brand Name With No Rival in the UAE

The thing about the UAE is that it’s mostly a Muslim country which is why Sharia Law is part of the legislation. This kind of law prohibits any form of gaming, so it wouldn’t make sense for casino brand names to open resorts. This is true in the case of Caesar’s palace and MGM who have managed to open resorts without casinos.

But this isn’t true for Wynn’s Resort as it will be the only one in the emirate to offer gaming premises. That’s why this is going to be the only casino resort in that emirate without competition. Since it’s set to happen in 2026, Wynn’s officials have a lot of work to do when it comes to planning the complex and making it stand out.

Wynn’s is set on building a casino in the UAE which is a prestigious location. This means that the casino needs to look like it’s part of the scenery. It needs to look as luxurious as possible. The selection of bars, restaurants, as well as gaming looks, will need to be discussed as well as a possible hotel, garage and more.

The officials also stated that they’re looking to make the resort a bit larger than the one in Vegas. When the design is done, the company will need to rely on the local workforce to make the project happen. Once this is over, they will need to rely on the locals again to staff the resort. This project is also in favor of the government as it will get its fair share of taxes. In other words, it’s a win-win project.

Wynn’s brand name will be the only casino in the region. The community will benefit from the jobs it creates for the community. And as mentioned before, the government will get its tax share.

Wynn’s is looking to win with this project which is why it’s going all out when it comes to the design. The project will increase the company’s presence in UAE.


The UAE is a country that’s famous for its glamour and luxury. Wynn’s is a big name in the casino industry so it makes sense for it to open a casino resort there. It will increase its global presence and will also get to operate in a great region.