Mayfair to Have Metropolitan Gaming Casino

The UK has its fair share of casinos and it’s one of the most important markets of the casino industry. London is host to some pretty big brand names, and Metropolitan Gaming is going to be the new kid on the block.

That’s because the brand is looking to open a new casino in the Mayfair district. This is going to be a luxury casino filled with all sorts of casino games as well as bars and restaurants. This project is soon to begin and Londoners will have a new casino in their midst.

London to Have a New Luxury Casino

There are many brand games in the casino industry. Some of them have a footprint all over the world and others have a smaller physical presence. When it comes to big brand names in the casino industry one might think of Vegas and MGM, Hard Rock, Wynn, and more. But there are other names that need to be considered like Metropolitan Gaming.

This name is looking to establish its presence in London with an amazing project. So far, the project is just an idea, and since the brand has all the necessary documentation, it’s only a matter of time before the casino starts being built. But what the casino offers is amazing as it has a little bit of everything.

The style the brand is going for is art-deco which goes to show you just how amazing the casino will look. When it comes to the casino it will be filled with lots of classic games such as punto banco, blackjack, roulette, and a bunch of slot machines accompanied by plush seating. Elegance is the name of the game and people visiting the casino will see elegance like never before.

Players can visit the cocktail lounge bar if they’re looking for a drink and visit any of the restaurants on the premises if they’re looking for a bite. Besides a wide range of cuisines players can also enjoy a fine selection of wines.

The Metropolitan Gaming brand is going to look to the community for a workforce when it comes to building the project. The community will also benefit from the project because of the new construction and staffing jobs. Casino fans will have a new place to visit, and it’s a place like no other. The government will get its fair share in revenue and the brand will get a new casino that solidifies its position as a top brand.

Projects like these are good for every party involved which is why they keep happening. The brand gets an exclusive location to build a casino in and the community benefits from such a project.


The Metropolitan Gaming brand will get to build a luxury casino in Mayfair, in London which is a pretty good location for any casino brand. The UK is a big market in the casino industry which is why the gaming brand is looking to expand there.

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Philadelphia Casino Gets New Millionaire

Philadelphia has its fair share of casinos which is why it’s popular with casino players. These casinos are loaded with games and sometimes there’s a win and a lucky recipient. Recently, the casino hosted a winner.

The person in question had bought a lottery ticket at The Live Casino & Hotel Philadelphia and managed to hit the right numbers. The person became a new millionaire and was celebrated among the other casino players. The casino also got a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. So, millionaires aren’t just made with classic casino games.

Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Sold at the Casino

Some casinos stick to the classic suite of games, so you’ll see slot machines and table games. Others will offer a broader range of games such as bingo or lottery games. You can see this with online casinos as well as some of them offer bingo and even keno titles.

The lottery is popular in lots of countries, the US included. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that a man can buy a lottery ticket at a casino. The Philadelphia Casino sold the winning ticket. The person bought one, just like the others before and after them, and all of them were waiting for the results.

The numbers started rolling in and the people started looking at their tickets. The person in question was doing good so far. Now it was time for the final number and it meant all or nothing to the person. The player had all the other numbers right, and it was done to the last one.

The balls started rolling and the final number was out. It was 38, and the person in question had the entire sequence right. The sequence was 8, 17, 27, 31, and 38. The person was surprised to have gotten all the numbers right, and as is the case in the lottery, the person that gets the numbers right gets the top prize. The lucky winner was the recipient of $1,077,663.50. In addition to him being rewarded, the casino also got $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.

The thing about lottery and bingo is that they’re based on luck. So, you’ll either get the right sequence or you won’t. There are additional prizes for people that have gotten some of the numbers right, but the top prize is reserved for the player that got all of them right.

Casino games, on the other hand, are games of skill and players need a bit of experience under their belts to get a big prize or land a jackpot. Slots might be the exclusion, but experienced slot players will also have a better chance of landing a slot prize.


Casinos get winners all the time. Some of them win small and others win big, like the recent Philadelphia Casino, but all of them are remembered. It takes sufficient skill to win at a casino, and some wins take longer than others. Either way, patience is a needed skill when playing casino games.

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Biloxi Casino Gets Another Winner

Casinos and winners go hand in hand. There’s hardly a casino in the world where players don’t win. Naturally, some of the win big while others win small, but all of them are winners.

The bigger ones walk away with bigger prizes. Recently, one NY woman came to visit the Biloxi Casino and she decided on playing blackjack. She placed the side bet too and managed to win a huge jackpot. She’s now $207,875 richer. Also, she’s another registered winner at Biloxi Casino.

New York Woman Wins Huge by Playing Blackjack

The Biloxi Casino has seen its fair share of winners throughout the years. Some of them have enjoyed slot games while others enjoyed table game titles. But the skilled players made it to the top by landing jackpots.

The thing about jackpots is that they’re pretty hard to land. They don’t come announced and there’s no way to know if you’re landing one for sure. Players stick to certain slot machines that know that offer a jackpot and will increase their bets to improve their chances of landing a big prize. Sometimes this tactic works and sometimes it doesn’t.

The same goes for any table game that comes with a jackpot side bet. Players can try their best with the main bets winning or losing as the game progresses, and they can also place a side bet to try their luck with an extra prize. This is exactly what the NY woman did at Biloxi.

She was an avid blackjack player, and with an experience like hers, she must have been to several casinos. This time she decided to give Biloxi a chance. As a blackjack fan, she went to the table games section and decided on a blackjack table. She played a couple of rounds to get the feel of the game and she decided on placing a side bet.

The side bet turned out to be the best decision she made because she fulfilled the conditions for the side bet and she managed to land a jackpot. The jackpot was over $200,000 and she walked away with a nice prize. It’s also worth noting that the woman decided to stay anonymous which is a security measure that some players like to take.

Progressive jackpots don’t just stick to slots, they are also available at table games. This woman enjoyed a blackjack game with a progressive jackpot that players could take a shot at with a side bet. Luckily, she managed to win the progressive jackpot which is no easy feat.

It’s also worth noting, that the Biloxi Casino will have more winners in the future. The lucky and skilled land a big prize eventually.


The NY woman proved that it’s possible to land a progressive jackpot at a blackjack table with a side bet. When it comes to these kinds of jackpots it’s about the skill and luck that go together. Patience is another skill that casino players need to master if they’re looking to go for the big prize.

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Southland Casino Dedicates $25K to Local School

Casinos are established pretty much everywhere in the United States. They are known for entertaining casino enthusiasts and regular visitors. But they also give back to the community they’re a part of by organizing charities and donating money.

Southland Casino Hotel is one such resort that had recently donated over $25k to Jackson – Wonder Elementary School. This donation will help the school as it’s partnered with the resort in a program that links students to local businesses. In other words, it’s just a way of giving back to the community.

Jackson – Wonder Elementary School Gets Over $25K as Donation

When it comes to the link between the community and local casinos, this is a link that must happen. It’s present in all stages of making a casino resort come true. Firstly, the community needs to approve the project once it sees the benefits.

Once the project is approved, then the community will help build it as each community is a workforce in itself. Then you’ll have the resort and more job positions will be available, and the community will help fill them. Casino fans of the community will visit the casino as well.

The community also has certain programs that link schools with local businesses to give schools a helping hand with the various operational issues they might have throughout the year. Jackson – Wonder Elementary School is part of such a program and it’s called Partners In Education.

The elementary school is partnered with the Southland Casino Hotel. The officials of the casino hotel have stated that donations are easy to come by. That’s because players at the casino can easily drop off the rest of their change on a slot or racing ticket and donate it to the program.

The program helps keep the school operational and it recently donated $25,523 to the school. The school welcomes these donations which help with dealing with any kinds of issues the school might face during the year. The staff has expressed their gratitude for the donations that have been happening for a while now.

More importantly, the school’s budget is significantly bigger with these donations which means the school can pay its teachers properly and provide better and more creative ways to educate the children – the future of West Memphis. Projects or rather programs like these show that a local casino can be beneficial to the community in more ways than one.

The casinos are places of entertainment for the casino fans in the community, but they can also entertain locals with their bars and restaurants. But the casinos can help the community with various donations and by being part of community programs.


Local casinos are looking to be part of the community, not just when it comes to entertaining people, but when it comes to building a project and staffing the resort. The Southland Casino Hotel is involved in a program to help this West Memphis-located school with operational issues, which is another way casinos are involved in the community.

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California Player Hits $1.3 Million Jackpot

California has its fair share of casinos as well as casino fans. They like visiting these venues and playing a variety of games. One such casino is the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino which has entertainment for casino fans and regular visitors.

This casino recently got a new winner in its halls. The winner managed to snag a $1.3 million jackpot when playing the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. The player got his bet right and was the lucky recipient of that jackpot. It happened to be a progressive one.

Wheel of Fortune Brings Fortune Indeed

Slot machines and jackpots are synonymous. Some of them are fixed and they are limited to a certain slot machine. They are great to win, but there’s no telling when one will land. The same can be said about progressive jackpots. The difference is that one progressive jackpot functions as a pool as it’s linked to several slot machines.

It lands randomly and the sum at that moment is given to the player at one of the machines. Sometimes these sums are small while other times they will range in the millions and will make one person pretty happy when they land.

These are available at many casinos including the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino. It comes with several slot machines including the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. One guest decided to go for the slot machine. The player decided on $10 per bet and started spinning.

Some spins did better than others, but there was one that outdid them all. This was the winning spin on Wheel of Fortune that session. The player went for the standard $10 bet and spun the reels. To the player’s surprise the spin turned out to be a winning one and the player got a $1.3 million jackpot.

Everyone around the guest congratulated the guest and the player decided to remain anonymous. This is done for safety reasons and several other players that have won millions did the same thing. The player remains anonymous, but their win is among the other amazing wins in the California casino.

Progressive jackpots are amazing because they can turn your life around. Landing them is notoriously difficult which is why there are lots of people looking to snag the prize. The California player was lucky to have landed the jackpot at $1.3 million. Any sooner would have been a smaller prize and later on, it would have been bigger. But the fact remains that the player managed to land such a jackpot and now that guest gets to go home with $1.3 million.


A certain level of randomness is present with slot machines and jackpots in particular. There’s no telling if the symbols that land will match and there’s no knowing if the jackpot lands for certain. No player at any casino has a clue when this will happen which is why they keep on betting and spinning. Some may get lucky like the Californian player and win $1.3 million.

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Macau MGM Casino Opens After Negative COVID Tests

Recently China has introduced new coronavirus measures which is why new cases are being locked down. This happened in MGM Cotai, an MGM casino in Macau, just because of a single COVID case.

Also, once the situation was over and COVID tests were administered and turned out to be negative, the guests and the staff had their freedom again. The guests were able to leave and the staff could start working again. Government officials stated that another round of tests will be done soon.

The MGM Cotai Casino Was Under Lockdown After a Single COVID Case

After the recent re-election of Xi Jinping as president, China introduced a new wave of restrictions to battle the rise of coronavirus cases. All the regions of the country need to follow the dynamic zero policy to battle the virus. This means even a single case of coronavirus will prompt a lockdown. Tests are administered regularly to keep the number of cases as low as possible.

The same can be said for the Macau region. Its economy depends on the operations of the casinos established there. It was revealed that a dealer at the MGM Casino was positive on a COVID test which prompted the officials to lock down the casino. The guests and staff stayed together for a few days.

Recently, another batch of tests were administered and when they showed to be negative, the staff and guests could enjoy their freedom again. With this example, it’s evident that the region takes the dynamic zero policy seriously. As mentioned before, the tests are performed regularly which is why the 70,000 people living in Macau have recently undergone a new wave of testing.

China is the birthplace of the virus which is why it has been hit the hardest. There may be no cases in months, but suddenly a few cases can appear. That’s why the entire population of China needs to be under these strict restrictions.

There’s no telling how soon China will get rid of the virus which means the restrictions will be here for a while. These measures impact China’s economy as a whole, and the Macau region is hit the hardest because it depends mainly on the operations of casinos.

Luckily, they can operate and keep the region stable. China will keep its current policy active and will keep administering COVID tests to battle the new cases of the virus successfully and prevent the spread across many regions. There’s no telling how soon the virus will be eradicated and how long the measures will take place. It’s possible that the entire Macau region will suffer in the future.


China’s restrictions are in place to help battle the rising tide of the coronavirus. The recent happenings with the MGM Cotai show just how serious the government is about these measures. The entire population of the region is being tested regularly and will continue to be subject to COVID tests until the virus is no more.

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OSF and Gotta Love Miami Hosted Casino Charity

Casinos and casino games are associated with fun and excitement. Jackpots and huge prizes come to mind when you mention casino games to someone. But did you know that casino games can also be part of charity events?

The Orphaned Starfish Foundation and the Gotta Love Miami Team have gotten together and hosted a charity event. It was a casino night and attendants had the chance to enjoy a host of casino games and get together for a good cause. The event raised a staggering $17,000 for the OSF.

A Casino Night With Some Jazz and a DJ

OSF is a foundation that has been helping victims of abuse and human trafficking as well as indigenous children, orphans, and youth at risk by providing them with job training and education based on technology. As a foundation, it relies on charity events like the one hosted recently to continue with its operations.

That’s why they teamed up with Gotta Love Miami. This is a real estate development team that has over 20 years of experience under its belt and was happy to help the foundation. Their representatives as well as some celebrities attended the casino night and had a fun night out.

The event featured live jazz music and a local DJ was also on set to get the party moving. Guests could enjoy a round of poker, or blackjack or try their hands at roulette. The casino games brought in some excitement and so did the music. It was a party for a good cause and the event managed to raise $17,000 for the foundation.

Andy Stein the founder and owner of the foundation was amazed by the event and the turnout of the attendees which is why he’s looking forward to the next event in Miami. In short, he’s looking to make Casino Night an event that happens more frequently.

This event proves that people can have fun and raise money for charity. They can enjoy themselves with casino games, jazz, and a DJ and help the youth in need by providing them with the education that will lift them from poverty.

It’s also a testament to casino games being used for a good cause. They aren’t tied to casinos, as anyone can play them. They can help make charity events more exciting and help foundations raise more money than they targeted.

In other words, casino games and charities work well together because they help those in need and provide good fun. As long as there are events like the one mentioned above, there will be casino fans looking to play a hand or two to help those in need.


The Casino Night in Miami was a success and the OSF will have the funds needed for its operations. Casino games at charity events might not have jackpots, but the prizes they offer are far more precious than any jackpot prize because they’re dedicated to those in need.

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Illinois Casino Industry With a Comeback

The state of Illinois has its fair share of casinos and is looking to expand by building new ones. Riverboats are rather popular in the state, but they will soon be replaced by land-based casinos.

Big brand names are looking to expand in the state which is a win-win for everyone. Casino fans will have new places to visit and so will tourists. The casinos will need staffing so the community will get some new job positions and the state and government will get money via revenue taxes.

New Casinos to Open All Over Illinois

Illinois is undergoing a massive expansion that will benefit the casino industry as a whole. There will be new casinos built starting with the ones in Aurora and Joliet. Some riverboat casinos will also be transformed into land-based casinos.

Waukegan Homewood and East Hazel Crest as well as Aurora, Joliet, and Elgin will get new casino establishments. The government in Chicago approved the building of 6 casinos in the region which is why this expansion is happening.

Some are worried that the market is oversaturated, but new casino projects are slowly taking shape despite those opinions. The American Place Casino will have an additional hotel with luxury suites that will attract more attention to the casino. Hard Rock Rockford is already on the site and is looking to start construction.

Another big name, Bally’s is also looking to have a foothold in Illinois by building a new casino, although a temporary one, in 2023. PENN Entertainment is looking to take charge in Aurora and Joliet. The company will replace the riverboat casinos and turn them into land-based establishments. The Aurora project will have a new hotel with 200 rooms, an event center, a spa, a sportsbook, and naturally, a casino of the future.

In short, Illinois is going to have a lot of new casinos in the future. As mentioned before, certain officials at the Illinois Gaming Association think that there are too many casinos already and the market will be oversaturated. In other words, there will be too many casinos in one place, but not enough visitors.

Thomas Thanas, a member of the association, stated that casinos need customers and locations play a big part in that. As an example of his statement, he mentioned the Gary Hard Rock Casino that moved to get a larger influx of customers.

All in all, the casino projects are underway. Each venue will need to be built and the companies behind the projects will require a workforce that can count on the community to help them. Once the buildings stand, then the companies will turn to the community again for staff and customers. The state will get its share in taxes.


New projects are filled with risk, especially in Illinois because there are already several casinos available there. Still, the state will get some new ones that will bring a level of freshness to the casino industry in Illinois.

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