Oakland Illegal Casino Den Raided

US casino fans are looking to play some casino games they can go to a land-based casino, or they can visit an online site. But there are some people that are looking to make use of casino fans, by running casino dens.

One such den was present in Oakland and it was operating for some time before the police raided it. There was also a person that called the police to state that he was tortured at the den, and that may be one of the ways the police found out about it.

A John Doe Was Beaten at the Den

The thing about illegal casinos is that they shouldn’t exist. People that are looking to open a casino should apply for a license, and if they can’t get it they need to work harder to fulfill the conditions for a casino license.

Once they do, they’ll be free to open a land-based or online casino. Naturally, they’ll need to follow certain rules and regulations if they want to keep the license. Also, they’ll need to pay a percentage of their profits as tax to the state.

But certain people don’t like this which is why they’re going their own way. This is why an illegal casino den was established in Oakland. One of the people associated with it, Wai Hoang, was arrested earlier because he had 4 firearms and 75 pounds of marijuana. The police knew about the casino den, but they couldn’t do anything about it at the time of Hoang’s arrest.

When the torture call came, they had cause to go and raid the den. The person calling had identified themself as John Doe and he was beaten for 6 minutes causing severe blood loss. It took some time, but once the police got him to a hospital they prepared for a raid on the illegal casino.

Couple that with neighbors’ complaints about the suspected den, and they pretty much had a case. When they went in they arrested Hoang, along with his associates Terrance Hadnot and Christopher Darby. Their weapons were confiscated as it turns out someone used a weapon to beat John Doe.

This isn’t the first time a den has been raided. Previously there was another such case where the police found 12 slot machines, $3,000 in cash as well as 15 pounds of marijuana. The thing about illegal casinos is that there are lots of them in the Bay Area of Oakland, but it’s only a matter of time before the police close them down permanently.

Illegal casinos don’t last that long because they don’t have the proper authority to operate. Always look for legal ones.


Illegal casino dens aren’t safe because they don’t operate under any regulations. You might get hurt or robbed if you aren’t careful. That’s why you should always go for legal land-based casinos or online ones. They make sure you have a safe environment to play your games in and operate according to rules and regulations.

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Illegal Casino Operation Uncovered in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the countries where lots of casino fans live. The legislation is friendly to gaming online and offline which is why the country has several establishments available online and offline. But certain people will do anything to play some casino game, which can turn into a problem.

Recently, a police raid uncovered an illegal online casino in the city of Famagusta. The people that made it happen were caught and all their devices were confiscated. The casino needed to have a license to operate legally.

Cyprus Illegal Casino Shut Down

Whenever a local or foreign brand name is looking to invest in a country via a casino project it will need to be approved by the local commission. Once this happens, they’ll need a license to operate, and that same board or commission will grant them such a license. This kind of permit will permit them to operate in the country for some time. When their license expires they will need to get a new one. Naturally, they’ll need to follow regulations if they’re looking to keep their existing license.

The situation is more or less the same in Cyprus. Anyone looking to create an online casino will need to apply for a license and establish a project in its entirety. If that person doesn’t get a license, then the person isn’t allowed to create an online casino in Cyprus. What these people need to do is try again and apply for a license at a later time.

But some people in Famagusta weren’t having it and they decided to make their own casino happen. They got the equipment needed for such an endeavor and established their online casino. It’s not clear how long they operated, but the police got wind of their operations which is why they decided to check out their location.

When they arrived at the place there was a 42-year-old man that managed the location. The police also confiscated €3,505 in cash as well as lots of documents and 7 computers. Another man was found in front of the building and he was playing games of chance on a PC. Both men have been detained and the case is being processed which means they will be taken to court.

Visiting illegal casinos is risky because players can be swindled out of their money. Moreover, regulations are there to be followed and that’s why no illegal casino will last long. Players should always avoid illegal casinos and look for those with a license. This way, they’ll know that they will be safe and no one will misuse their personal or financial data.


A casino license is needed for every online casino. If you see one at a site, it means you’re safe which is why you should always go for licensed casinos. The illegal ones will pop up, but you would do your best to ignore them as they can put you in needless danger. Take extra precautions to be safe.

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Two Kings Casino Investigation Nearing End

Tribal casinos are a common occurrence in the States. There are lots of them available and they operate on tribal territory exclusively. The Indian Gaming Act is there to regulate their operations and keep the tribes safe.

A Two Kings Casino is currently under investigation for breaching the same act. The investigation has been going on for quite some time and it’s expected to be over by the end of this year. The casino’s financial deals have been brought under question which is why a federal investigation is underway.

The Tribe is Under Investigation, and A Temporary Casino Opened

Various acts exist for the purpose of regulating casino operations. The Indian Gaming Act is there to help the operation of tribal casinos. The Two Kings Casino in question falls under this category as it has been built on Catawba territory.

The casino was brought under investigation because there was a ground lease between the venue and King Mountain Sky Boat Partners LLC. For such a lease the casino would need approval from the gaming commission which it didn’t seek. That’s why its managerial authority has been brought under question and why there’s an ongoing investigation.

As mentioned before, the investigation could be finished by the end of this year. The aim of it is to find out if the Catawba Tribe has a propriety interest in the venue. Additionally, it’s also going to find out if the tribe had gotten the approval for the casino construction and operation.

The Indian Gaming Act is there to keep tribes safe in these kinds of matters. It’s also there to make sure that no organized crime or form of corruption will jeopardize the tribes’ gaming operations. On another note, a temporary Two Kings Casino has recently opened its doors in South Carolina.

The temporary casino was constructed to give casino fans in the area a taste of what’s to come. In other words, the Catawba tribe has the proper authority to build a new casino in Cleveland County that’s going to stretch 17 acres. The temporary casino has 500 slot machines to offer which will be increased twofold by December. It also has 30 betting kiosks to offer. When the investigation is over the casino will start the construction process.

This is another good project for the community for several reasons. Staffing and constructing the casino will require a significant workforce which the community will provide and the state will enjoy its fair share of taxes. Casino fans will have another spot to visit and tourists can enjoy the casino’s venues too.

But everything needs to be according to regulations which is why the new casino hasn’t been built yet.


Regulations exist to be followed and each casino project needs to follow the proper trajectory before it’s built and operational. The investigation regarding the casino will be completed and will reveal if the tribe breached any regulations and if it did it will be punished accordingly. If not, the new casino can be constructed.

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Trio Jailed for Mugging Casino Winner

Casinos are popular all across the world, Ireland included. As it happens, there are venues all across the country and casino fans are looking to win. Those that do will have to make an extra effort to stay safe.

Some of them choose to be anonymous for this reason. Recently, one such winner was mugged on her way home by 2 people. A third one shadowed her at the casino and was communicating with the other 2. But the police got down to the matter and arrested all 3 eventually.

An Organized Mugging Uncovered by the Police

The Irish woman was a regular at the casino and was looking to enjoy some casino games. She managed to win a prize of €23,000 at the casino located in the city center. She was happy she had won a prize and was looking to get home. It wasn’t until she had gotten home that she was mugged.

She was taking something out of her post office box when 2 people dragged her down and mugged her. She reported the incident to the police and they got down to it. The police managed to arrest Connolly and Nicola.

The thing about Nicola is that he managed to evade the police for 5 years. He left Ireland but was brought back to the country. Both he and his accomplice Connolly pleaded guilty to the crime. Connolly got 5 years of prison and 2 of those were suspended whereas Nicola got 4 and a half years, out of which 18 months were suspended recently. The third man was also caught.

His name is Brian English and he was the spotter that communicated with both assailants via phone messages. This was proven when the CCTV footage showed English at the casino. The footage also showed him taking out his phone to write messages to the other men.

That’s why Connolly’s phone was taken when he was arrested. The police saw the messages which were further proof of his involvement in the mugging. There was also a van with fake registration plates involved, but the police managed to track it down.

The woman was unlucky to be mugged, but she did well in reporting the mugging to the police. Moreover, the police got down to business and managed to track the assailants and the spotter. Detectives were employed in tracking them down and got them eventually.

This is another case that shows you that crime doesn’t pay. Casino winners should be extra careful when going home after a win because some unsavory characters might follow them home and take their winnings. Extra precautions are always a good idea.


It’s unfortunate what happened to that Irish woman, but she was lucky the police managed to arrest the culprits. This is another reason why casino winners need to take better care of themselves when they’re coming home from a successful night at the casino. This way, they’ll be able to prevent anyone from taking their winnings.

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Star Entertainment Group Fined for Illegal Activities

It was revealed recently that Star Gaming Group has been conducting certain illegal activities in their venues. They have been discovered conducting money laundering schemes and were charged accordingly. As the case developed, the group lost the trust of the community.

It’s also worth noting that the group has been issued a fine of $100 million Australian dollars for their money laundering schemes. It has also lost its gaming license and will need to work harder than ever to get it back. The NSW Commission issued the fine.

Crime Doesn’t Pay

The Star Entertainment Group is responsible for erecting and operating lots of casinos all over Australia. They had the trust of the community as lots of casino players frequented their premises. But it was discovered that the casino had an illegal money laundering scheme operating for years. There was also an illegal VIP program taking place.

Once this was shared with the public, it took the authorities sometime before they decided on a fine. Some people had almost lost faith in justice when the New South Wales Commission came out with a statement that the Star Entertainment Group needs to pay a fine of $100 million Australian dollars for letting illegal operations take place at their premises. The Commission also took away the group’s license.

The casino will continue to operate under new management. In addition to this, the casino’s executives have taken their leave of the group. Better security measures such as cameras and new security staff will be implemented while the casino continues to operate so it can earn its license back. The community lost trust in such a prestigious gaming group and some casino players have already turned to new casino venues.

The message of this incident is that crime doesn’t pay. Australian casinos make quite a profit each year from casino players that visit their premises which is reason enough to not take part in illegal activities. In addition to this, they adhere to regulatory bodies such as commissions and if something isn’t up to date with regulations then they will be fined.

Online scams are also quite frequent and players can end up as victims in such a scheme. But legal online casinos implement a variety of security measures and make sure their clients are safe. They don’t go into any illegal schemes because they choose to earn and keep their clients’ trust.

Land-based casinos like the ones that are part of the Star Entertainment Group need to be put under strict supervision until they prove themselves worthy. Crime should always be punished no matter who committed it. That’s how justice is served.


A name like Star Entertainment Group used to inspire confidence and trust which is why the group needs to put in more effort than ever after it has been fined for illegal activities. The group will be operating under the watchful eye of the NSW Commission as new staff is appointed.

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How Gonzalo Pelayo Outsmarted Casinos

It’s usually when a man is at his most desperate that they start noticing things and coming up with inventions. This has been done in the world of casinos, namely land-based casinos. Some players like to cheat, but these are the kinds of players that use the environment to their advantage.

Gonzalo Pelayo is one such man as he took careful notice of the imperfections of Gran Casino Madrid. After carefully studying the wins, in a couple of months he used his knowledge to gain the upper hand at the casino and walk away with substantial wins. In other words, he managed to snag £1.6 million with his data.

A Few Imperfections Can Lead to a Win

Gonzalo was a man that had a rough life. At an early age, he lost his father and was forced to move to Seville. Throughout his life, he was never interested in casinos, but he liked music instead. He studied music and took on a job at a radio station and a nightclub. He was happily married by then, but his jobs didn’t provide him with the means to take care of his family, and he had 5 children.

That’s when he stumbled across a casino and started noticing a few things. That’s when he decided to visit his local casino more often. He took a notebook with him and noted all the slight imperfections of each roulette table. He noticed that certain numbers reappear after 28 throws and slight differences in the casino floor, wheel and the mechanisms behind it give out certain results.

Armed with that knowledge he decided to play roulette at several local casinos, and he made a killing. It wasn’t long before he got 2 of his children, Ivan and Vanessa, to gather information in his stead. This let him double his winnings and walk away with a lot of money.

Certain casinos noticed his frequent presence which is why they took him to court. When he explained his case to the judge it was ruled out that he was a cheat and made knowledge of the environment to win. In short, he was cleared of all charges and continued his winning streak.

He became a legend and his story inspired a movie. It’s men like these that prove that you can win if you have enough knowledge. Imperfections like the casino floor and roulette mechanisms are things that some players can use and the casino should fix them if they don’t want them to be used against them. Gonzalo didn’t do anything illegal which is why he isn’t a cheat. He simply used his detailed knowledge when playing roulette.


If you have knowledge of all the comings and goings of a roulette wheel then you’ll be unstoppable the next time you decide to play the game. Gonzalo’s case is just one example of how the right amount of knowledge is useful when playing roulette in a land-based casino. Gonzalo wouldn’t have been successful if he had played roulette online.

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Renton Woman Robbed After Casino Night

Land-based casinos take security seriously which is why they employ all those guards and cameras. That’s why every casino player that enters them can safely enjoy their games. The danger looms when they leave the casino, and if they aren’t extra careful, they might be a victim.

An 81-year-old woman from Renton, Washington State, was robbed after she returned from a night at the casino. The robbery happened around 3 am when the robber assaulted her after she left her vehicle. She contacted the police immediately and they’re on the case.

Two Similar Cases

The Muckleshoot Casino was the casino tied to this crime. The woman enjoyed a nice night at the casino as she managed to snag a win or two. It was a big night, so several winners were leaving the premises. She had managed to win $1,000 and was looking to get home.

She went to the parking lot and inside her vehicle. It was a 30-minute drive to Renton and when she arrived she left her vehicle. Once she had done so, she was assaulted by an unknown assailant. She was beaten badly and the perpetrator also stole the money that was in her purse. She phoned the police shortly after and they arrived on the scene. She was taken to the hospital where staff treat her injuries.

According to the current details of the investigation, the woman said she was assaulted by one person. That’s why the crime is similar to another incident outside a different casino. The victim was a 59-year-old woman that was attacked at her home.

She left the Macau Casino in Tukwila with $5,000 in cash. But this time 2 separate robbers got away with that sum of money. The police are looking for suspects in both cases as the victims are recovering. They are inspecting leads and cooperating with both parties involved in the crimes.

Whenever there’s a win at a casino, each winner should be careful because they don’t know who’s watching. Criminals are looking to follow winners and steal their money which is why some winners stay anonymous after a win. They also need to take precautions when they’re going home as a robber will be following them.

That’s why online casinos are safer. If you win, the money is wired to your online casino account and you can withdraw the sum to your bank account. But online casino players might be prone to scams which is why they should also take precautions. In summary, all casino players should be wary of their surroundings once they win a prize. Being careful will see them safely to their homes.


It’s unfortunate that these 2 women were assaulted and robbed right after they left a casino. Casino winners are potential targets which is why they need to be extra careful. The same advice goes out to online casino winners as online scammers might try and take a hold of their winnings.

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Alleged Bomb Threat Closes Hollywood Casino

There are lots of casinos all over the US, and not all of them are in Vegas. If a state is friendly to casino games, then it will have a facility or two to offer. The same can be said of Illinois which has a bunch of them to offer.

One of them is located in the city of Joliet. It was doing fine until recently. There was a call about a few bombs being planted on the premises which is why the casino took action.

People notified the police and after a thorough search, nothing was found. Now they’re looking into a list of suspects for such a call.

A Fake Bomb Threat

It seemed like a regular night at the casino, as Hollywood Casino in Illinois. Players were enjoying their favorite casino games. But there was a certain moment when one of the managers got a phone call. There was a person on the other side of the line that told them the news.

There were several bombs placed on the premises and they were remotely controlled. Then the person hung up, and the manager didn’t waste any time. Security was organized all over the premises which is why the players were asked to leave. Once they knew the reason for being interrupted they didn’t mind leaving their favorite casino.

The police were also notified and they send K9 units to search the casino from top to bottom. After an extensive search, nothing was found, but the casino officials decided to close the casino for the rest of the night just in case. A fake bomb threat is a serious offense which is why the police are looking into a list of suspects.

Bombs are a serious thing, especially if they’re placed in establishments such as casinos because there are large groups of people present. A potential attack could be devastating. That’s why a fake bomb threat is a serious offense and there are several reasons why this could happen.

There are all kinds of people out there and some of them like to prank anyone they can. So, this fake bomb threat call might have been a prank. Once the perpetrator is apprehended, the person will get his time in the spotlight and be charged for their crimes. But there are other possibilities.

Competition is nothing new in the casino industry and certain competitors will play dirty to get the upper hand. So, a competitor can be suspected of foul play and that person would also be arrested and charged appropriately. Either way, the police will get to the bottom of this which is why it’s actively looking for suspects.


Some competitors will stoop to anything to become the top contender, and certain people will say and do anything to get their face in the paper. Either way, bomb threats are things that need to be taken seriously because they put people in danger regardless if they’re put in casinos or other venues.

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