16-Year-Old Loses Thousands to Gaming

Gaming is fun to do in your free time, but if you don’t know when to stop then it will turn into an addiction. There are many gaming addicts that are afraid to reach out which is why addiction is such a serious issue.

Recently, a 16-year-old boy got a glimpse of what addiction can do. That’s because, after a football match, he made an account in his father’s name, on his phone and lost thousands of pounds within 2 weeks. Luckily, the parents found out and stopped going to football matches to prevent further exposure.

Just One of the Many Cases of Gaming Addicts

The UK is starting to take gaming more seriously. This is shown as Westminster is looking to introduce new measures when it comes to gaming premises such as casinos and betting shops. But it’s taking its time as Welsh members of Parliament and various charities are pushing the government to release its white paper on gaming which was supposed to be released before the summer.

So, it’s only a matter of time before the government introduces the new measures. Meanwhile, addiction remains a serious problem because it doesn’t just affect adults, it affects children too. This young boy from Swansea went to a football match and saw a betting advert.

Just after an hour, when he was home, he made an account in his father’s name on a betting site. He started betting and lost thousands. When his parents found out, they took his phone and even stopped going to football matches. This goes to show you just how serious gaming addiction is.

The boy was lucky to have had a quick brush with betting. Gaming addicts get a kick out of gaming which is why they do it repeatedly. They only care for the thrill of it which is why they ruin their lives. There’s also a certain stigma that comes with being addicted to gaming and that’s the reason why there are so many victims.

Some of them have decided to take their own lives which is why it’s something that each government needs to take seriously. Gaming addicts need all the help they can get and once they reach out then there are lots of organizations that will help them get better.

Making the first step is important because after you take it, then you’ll have lots of people ready to help you. Naturally, the government will need to update its legislature and introduce new measures to help battle the rising numbers of gaming addicts and protect children from getting into the same category of people. When this happens, parents will know their children are safe online, and adults will know that can’t become gaming addicts.


As mentioned before, gaming addiction is a serious issue and the young boy from Swansea illustrates just how available gaming is to kids. This is why the government needs to adapt to the new situation and why charities and members of Parliament are looking for a change.

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Westminster Introduces New Gaming Measures

Regulations exist in the world of casinos to keep operators from crossing the line. They also exist to keep players in check as sometimes they can go against their regulations. That’s why regulations need to be updated.

Currently, the Westminster City Council has decided to introduce new measures to adapt to the current situation in the world of gaming. These measures will give some new rules to gaming operators and will ensure keep vulnerable categories from gaming. They will also add some more protection to keep gaming addicts safe.

New Measures to Protect Vulnerable Categories

As new times come, they come with new kinds of issues that need to be fixed. Nowadays, casino fans can easily access a bunch of casino sites to enjoy their favorite games. Moreover, they can also visit land-based venues to do the same thing.

Some of these venues work 24/7 and players have no problem visiting them. This might help the rise of gaming addicts which is why new measures need to be introduced. That’s why the Westminster City Council introduced such measures.

With these measures, the opening hours of land-based casinos will be limited. Also, measures will be put in place to protect vulnerable categories of the populace. So, kids won’t be able to access casinos online or offline, and neither will gaming addicts.

Gaming addiction is a serious issue that both casino operators and the government is dealing with. There’s a certain stigma that comes with this kind of addiction which is why players rarely seek out help. Each casino site has several measures that help players that think they’re addicted to casino games.

Organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous will also help these kinds of individuals and these organizations will also connect the individuals with the appropriate health institutions.

The new measures that the Westminster City Council introduced are also aimed at helping those struggling with addiction. During these troubling times, people have limited budgets and are faced with other kinds of risks, which is why their mental health is important.

With the new measures, the council is looking to limit the operations of casinos, betting shops, and gaming premises, but leave them enough room to earn a profit. Combining these measures with the ones in place will create a safer environment for all kinds of casino players. They will be protected by all sorts of regulations and various organizations will also watch their back.

These new measures will help anyone involved in casinos and will lower the number of gaming addicts. In other words, it’s a win-win situation as casino operators will get to make money and their clients won’t get so deep into their hobbies to become addicts.


Gaming addiction is pretty serious which is why official bodies need to introduce new measures to curb the rising numbers. Other vulnerable categories also need to be considered which is why new measures need to be implemented. The legislation will always need to be adapted to new circumstances.

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Macau to Go Back to Normal

Macau, and China in general, have had the most of it when it comes to COVID. The virus has spread across the country and has forced its officials to introduce strict regulations on the entire populace.

This was especially important for the Macau region as just a small number of cases managed to put the region under lockdown. The population also had to be tested daily to curb the outbreak. The entire region depends mostly on the casinos which is why it was hit the hardest. But as the situation is calming down, the Macau casinos will start operations again.

Business as Usual After No New COVID Cases

Xi Jinping is the current president of China. He was the president during the outbreak of the virus which is why China had strict regulations. Upon his re-election, he introduced a new selection of measures to help battle the new forms of the virus and help the country beat it.

The Macau region is the Chinese region for casinos. A chunk of the economy depends on casino operations as it employs a large part of the region’s population. The new batch of coronavirus measures made it difficult for casinos to keep working. Recently, the MGM Casino was under lockdown for 3 days because of a single coronavirus case.

It turned out that one of the casino dealers had the virus which is why 1,500 people couldn’t leave the premises. After an extensive testing process that lasted 2 weeks, the region is slowly going back to normal. The testing process turned out to be successful as there are no new virus cases which means people can go back to work and stabilize the economy by doing so.

The thing about China is that it was hit the hardest during the outbreak which is why the Chinese suffered the most. Then again it’s a serious virus and it has impacted the world. By curbing the virus in China, the officials are helping the spreading of the virus to other countries.

Strict restrictions are a must if you’re looking to battle a serious virus. But the economy will also need to be taken care of which is why the restrictions impacted the Macau region the most. Its economy is mostly reliant on the operations of casinos which is why its officials are looking forward to things going back to normal.

It seems that China is bent on eradicating the virus which is why its imposing so strict regulations. Moreover, it’s not forgetting about Macau’s economy which is why the region’s casinos will continue to operate under normal circumstances after no new coronavirus cases have been registered.


After no new coronavirus cases are on the horizon, the Macau region can go back to normal and give the economy a boost. The restrictions are still in place to battle any new cases on the rise. Once the virus is no more, the entire region will continue to operate as it did before the pandemic.

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Australia to Introduce New Casino Ads

Australia has had a lot of things happen to its casino industry. Famous brand names have lost licenses or were fined because of not adhering to regulations. Also, the number of casino addicts has increased significantly which is why the government is about to introduce new casino ads.

So far, each gaming site be it a casino or sportsbook will have an ad that tells players or bettors to game or bet responsibly. But with the current changes, these ads will be replaced with ones that highlight the potential harms of gaming.

Australian Casino Ads Will Show Potential Gaming Harms

The current happenings in the world of gaming in Australia have prompted certain changes. The recent happening with popular brand names has caused the government to take a closer look at the casino industry. For example, the gaming commission in Australia now oversees Crown Entertainment after the brand was caught in a money laundering scheme.

Add to that the rising problem of gaming addiction and you can see why the government was forced to act. Statistically, lots of Australians have lost big sums of money to gaming at casinos. An average of $1,276 per person in Australia is lost to gaming. Back in 2011, this was noticeable at 0.6% of the population and now that percentage has doubled to 1.23%.

Another serious statistic that prompted the Australian government to act is the rise of problem gaming. This percentage has increased to 3.9%, which is more than the Australians that like playing poker machines. In other words, these are alarming numbers which is why new gaming ads will be introduced. As mentioned before, they will highlight the potential harms of gaming rather than asking players to play responsibly.

Gaming sites will also need to feature a toll-free phone line or a link to Gambling Help Online so casino addicts can get help quicker. When it comes to the ads themselves, they don’t beat around the bush. In other words, they hit the nail on the head. This means that even those that visit a site for the first time will know the potential risks and harm that can come from gaming.

When it comes to the ads they advise players to think twice before placing a bet, the chances aren’t working in their favor, and they don’t shy away from mentioning that losses can be pretty big without a deposit limit.

The government is hoping that ads like these will deter potential visitors to a site and will help those in need. Casino addicts can have a better chance of reaching out with a link or a phone line to the organization that specializes in helping them.


Casino addiction is a serious problem that plagues the casino industry as a whole. The Australian government is looking to tackle this problem with new gaming ads as recent statistics show an alarming growth. The wording of the ads hits the nail on the head and time will tell what kinds of results they will produce when introduced to casino sites.

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Nebraska Regulators Onboard With Temporary Casino

The casino industry expands left and right. New resorts take the place of old ones and players get new places to visit, and the community gets an influx of jobs. This happened in Nebraska recently.

The Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission approved a temporary casino to be built in Fonner Park recently. The Commission delayed its decision for several weeks but decided to be in favor of the building of the temporary casino.

How Does It Reflect on Other Casinos?

This is a temporary casino before the permanent one is built. In a way, it’s a casino that will be around for casino fans to enjoy before the permanent one arrives on the scene. The temporary casino will have kiosks for wagering live on sports, and horse racing including 300 slot machines, as well as a club for elite players and even a snack bar. Table game fans aren’t forgotten as blackjack and roulette tables are to be part of the casino the following year.

Although it’s a temporary casino, it will generate a buzz in the community when it comes to construction and staffing jobs. This temporary establishment will pack up its bags when the permanent casino opens its doors. This is the Grand Island Casino and it takes up 37,500 square feet of space. That space will include a nice hotel with 116 rooms, a sportsbook, as well as 20 table games and 650 slot machines.

A nice big garage will also be part of the package. There will be 4 restaurants available and people can dine on the roof too. There will also be a gift shop, 2 pools, a show lounge as well as a sports bar and a spa too. The casino is to be finished in 2025 and it’s expected to be opened before Christmas.

The WarHorse Casino in Lincoln , which is the temporary casino, will have the market for a while longer. WarHorse is also looking to open another casino in Omaha and another in Atokad Park as well. But it will take some time before those casinos are opened. Another big player, Caesar Entertainment, is looking to open a venue in Columbus, but there’s no timetable for that project.

The temporary casino will stick around and players will have a place to enjoy. Currently, the community benefits from the building of the permanent casino by getting construction jobs. When the project is built, then the casino will need staffing which is another plus for the community. The casino fans and other visitors will have many attractions to enjoy. Finally, the government will get its fair share of revenue tax. In other words, it’s a win-win situation.


The temporary casino will have a lot of interesting things to offer all its visitors, casino fans included. It will be around until the permanent casino opens its doors and then the visitors will move to a new casino that will offer them lots of interesting things. In short, they will continue to be entertained.

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Bermuda Hotel Gets Casino License

Currently, there have been many expansions in the world of casinos. The Vegas Strip has gotten new ones and even New York is going to grant new casino licenses. There are also expansions in other places across the world such as Bermuda.

Bermuda is a top tourist spot and has its fair share of hotels where visitors can stay. Recently, one hotel decided to dip its toes in the casino industry by getting a license from the Bermuda Gaming Commission. The Granada Supporters Club St. Regis hotel is the first on the island to get a casino license.

A Work in Progress

The thing about casinos in Bermuda is that they were approved by law 9 years ago. Despite this new development banks don’t support them. There are many possible reasons for this, but casinos are beneficial to the community.

The building process alone creates a bunch of jobs. These positions are filled by the community. Once the building process is finished then the casino will look to the people again to fill staffing roles in the various departments.

It’s a complex after all which means the casino will require workers and so will the hotel and its additional premises. The St. Regis hotel has been granted a license for a casino, but a date for the casino is yet to be determined. In other words, there’s no telling when the casino will open. Just like any other casino operator, the hotel underwent a process after which it was determined that it had the right qualifications for owning a license and operating a casino.

With the current situation, it seems that Bermuda is open to casino operators and any offers they might have. They can tap into Bermuda as a potential market and benefit from the island’s community and the number of visitors. Once they go over the process of getting a license they will need to establish all the following phases according to the regulations.

The community will help them build the casino and help them with the right staff at each complex. The banks in Bermuda might change their mind about helping operators establish themselves or not. Either way, Bermuda will gain more casinos in the future as part of complexes that cater to tourists and casino fans alike.

In other words, new casinos will benefit the Bermuda community by giving them multiple job openings in both phases of their inception. The government will gain more tax revenue, tourists will have additional premises to visit and Bermuda casino fans will enjoy their favorite games at new venues.

The first license has been granted and many more are likely to follow. It’s only a matter of time before the first island casino opens its doors.

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ECA Welcomes Back the UK

Europe is a big market when it comes to gaming and most of the countries that make up this market are part of the EU. That’s why the union decided on a unified approach to casino gaming regulation and created the European Casino Association.

Most European countries in the union are also part of the association, but 2 years ago, one country left. The UK decided to leave the association because of Brexit. In other words, it left the union and had to rely on itself for regulating the market. But it has changed its mind and is now back in the arms of the association.

Back After a 2 Years Absence

Brexit was a campaign that had been going on for some time and it culminated in 2020. The prime minister at the time was Boris Johnson and this move proved to be his political downfall. Now that he’s been replaced, there’s a chance that more competent leadership will take the UK back on track.

Brexit also prompted the UK to leave the European Casino Association and that meant that the country’s commission will need to take care of itself when it comes to regulating the casino market. The thing about this market is that it’s one of the biggest gaming markets in the world with a lot of land-based casinos available.

Moreover, the UK Gambling Commission is renowned for its services which is why it has performed its duties expertly during the 2-year gap. But an additional oversight wouldn’t be minded because some UK casinos cater to the needs of European casino fans. That’s why those concerned with gaming in the UK requested their membership again in the ECA. Recently, that membership was granted and the UK is once again a full member of the European Casino Association.

The ECA officials were pleased to return the membership to the UK as its market is one of the biggest when it comes to casino gaming. The UK officials are also thrilled to have their full membership once again which is why they’ll have a helping hand when it comes to regulating their casinos.

Operators all over Europe will be able to tap into the UK market and enjoy a larger client base if they do their job properly. Naturally, they’ll need to go over the process that will grant them a license first, and once that’s done they’ll be free to expand, under UK regulations of course. Together, the UKGC and ECA will watch over the UK market and help regulate it. Mistakes can be made on any level, but if you have the will to fix them then you will always find the help needed.


UK is undeniably one of the biggest casino markets which is why it belongs with the ECA. The UK regulatory bodies along with the association will make sure that their market is up to date when it comes to regulations and helps the market by introducing new operators once they adhere to the current regulations.

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Louisiana Riverboat Casino to Move on Land

Riverboat casinos are pretty popular and they have been so for some time. It’s a casino venue you can visit while enjoying a nice trip on the water. These casinos also have other venues you can visit besides the gaming floors which is a nice change of pace from land-based casinos.

One such casino owned by CQ Holdings is looking to make a permanent change. In other words, it’s looking to leave its sailing days behind and assume a fixed position on land. This means that the riverboat casino will become a land casino, but players and visitors will continue enjoying the view from the river.

The Sailing Days Put Behind

This is the second casino that’s looking to put the sailing days behind. Baton Rouge saw another casino, Hollywood Casino, turn from a riverboat complex to a land-based complex. In other words, the second casino is following the trend because of recent circumstances. Or its officials might have planned it all along.

The government of Louisiana has already granted a license to the riverboat casino and approved the shift from land to sea. The building process is underway and the new casino is expected to be completed by 2024, possibly in May. The riverfront along Baton Rouge is the location where regulars will get a new casino to visit.

The gaming floor will take up 16,500 square feet, which is quite large for a casino. But a floor with casino games won’t be its only attraction. There will be bars and restaurants to visit when players are looking for a breather between games or people looking for a different kind of entertainment. The complex will also have bowling alleys and other kinds of entertaining venues available. In short, it will have different things to offer to different kinds of visitors.

Sports fans will also be able to enjoy a large sportsbook on the premises. The project has its weight in millions and is bound to create 200 jobs during the building process. Once the building is done, then the staffing of the hotel, casino floor, bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues will begin. In other words, Louisiana residents will have more jobs to pick from once the resort is finished.


The former riverboat casino will remain a tourist attraction which is a plus in everyone’s book. Moreover, the state of Louisiana will get tax revenue from the casino which can be used to further improve the economy.

Riverboat casinos won’t stop being popular just because 2 such casinos became land-based. Both complexes will remain tourist attractions and beacons of Louisiana. The new one will generate jobs, and tax revenue and will attract attention which is better for the state and the community.

Casino and sports fans will have a gaming floor and a nice big sportsbook to visit among the other entertainment venues like bars, restaurants, and bowling alleys. In short, the new land-based casino will offer something to everyone’s taste. Regular visitors will have things to enjoy.

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