Parx Casino Fined for Underage Gaming

Casinos are there to entertain anyone that walks in throw the doors because they can assume they’re of age. This is one of the rules that casinos need to follow when operating, otherwise, they’d get fined.

The state of Pennsylvania fined a Parx Casino for allowing an underage man to play craps at their premises. The man managed to get past security and even showed another man’s ID, but the dealer didn’t notice that the man was underage and managed to place 2 bets. This is why the casino has been fined $12,500 by The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, on Wednesday.

Parx Casino Allowed Underage Person to Play Craps

Regulations exist for a casino to get a license and operate. Certain rules are put in place so that the casino can open properly. If these rules aren’t followed, then the venue is subject to fines, the people that broke the rules can lose their jobs and the casino can lose its license.

When it comes to the case of the Parx Casino both sides were at fault. In other words, the underage player was cunning enough to get into the casino. He came sometime after midnight with a group of friends. They concealed him from the security guard and he managed to get into the premises.

He had his brother’s ID card too. But the thing about his brother is that he was 20 years old. A person of age in the US is 21 years old, and when a person reaches that age, they can play casino games. When they got to the table they sat down.

The game of choice was craps, but before they started playing, the dealer in charge of the table asked to see their IDs. All of them obliged. The man in charge saw the underage man’s ID and didn’t notice he was only 20 years old. He didn’t seem to mind it so he let him play.

The underage man didn’t play long, he lasted about 7 minutes. He also managed to place 2 bets of $25, which he managed to lose. But the incident was noticed which is why the casino needs to pay a fine of $12,500 for letting an underage person play craps on their premises. The person was 18 years old and that’s pretty close to 21 years old, but it doesn’t mean that the casino employees should let him play.

The casino also took gave the employees involved in the incident more training. Furthermore, they got warnings, as well as written counseling to prevent another situation like this from happening. Rules were made for a reason, and not following them has its price. In the case of this case, it’s $12,500.


Casino rules are there to be followed. Both the underage player and the casino workers are to blame for this incident and the casino is lucky to be walking away with a fine. Mistakes happen, which is why the employees are undergoing training to prevent a similar situation from happening.

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Melbourne Casino Gets $120 Million Fine

It seems the casino industry in Australia is going through tough times when huge brand names are found guilty of doing illegal activities. The Crown Entertainment brand was found guilty of a money laundering scheme.

Recently the Crown Casino in Melbourne was discovered to have breached Victorian Gaming Laws which is why it was fined $120 million. Regulations are there to be followed and fines are there to punish those that didn’t commit to regulations. That’s why gaming commissions exist, they are there to keep things in order.

2 Fines for Breaching Gaming Laws

When certain brands are established, they need to continue keeping themselves popular. This doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want. The regulations are there to keep things in order and the commissions exist to keep things that way. Naturally, if a certain brand or casino doesn’t adhere to them, then that brand or casino will be fined.

This is what happened to the Crown Melbourne casino. It was fined for breaching Victorian Gaming Laws. The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission fined the casino because of breaching gaming laws. The casino needs to pay fines that total $120 million.

The first fine amounts to $100 million. The first fine comes as a result of breaching a law that states that casinos need to stop players from playing longer than 24 hours. This means that the Crown Melbourne casino did the exact opposite. Players could play as long as they wanted which means they spent more money at the venue.

In other words, the casino was looking to maximize profit instead of the well-being of its customers. The second law they breached also points out to this. The Melbourne Casino also allowed players to play as long as they wanted on multiple machines. This is why the casino needs to pay an additional fine of $20 million.

The commission also warned the casino a couple of times before, which means it gave the casino a chance to correct its ways. But it seems that the casino continued to breach the laws which is why it has to pay such a substantial fine.

The commission did right in punishing the casino because the regulations were made for all brands to follow. Any breach of gaming laws needs to be punished with a fine or otherwise. Laws were made to be followed, not broken and commissions exist to regulate the situation according to those laws.

The Melbourne casino officials stated that they were going to pay the fine and correct the error of their ways. Hopefully, this is one lesson that Crown Entertainment will remember and choose to follow regulations next time.


This is another example of why you should follow regulations and how gaming commissions work to keep operations in order. Brand names need to adhere to regulations otherwise they’ll pay huge fines. Rules, or in this case regulations, are made to be followed, not ignored. The fines that come afterward can’t be ignored.

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Hairdresser Opens up About Casino Addiction

Casino addiction is a serious issue. The stigma that surrounds it prevents victims to speak out and get some help which is why it’s such a difficult issue to deal with.

One UK hairdresser decided to speak out about her casino addiction. Christine Tolaini had been tackling addiction for some time, but it was one incident that caused her to speak out and get help. In one afternoon, she spent £70,000 on slot machines and lost them. That was the last straw that prompted her to speak out.

She Spent £70K in One Afternoon and Decided That Was That

The thing about Christine is that her addiction started early. She liked the thrill of it and she would visit the local casino and play some slots regularly. She would play in a good mood and she would play in a bad mood. Naturally, she’d make the mistake of chasing after losses which is why she would lose so much money.

When she was younger, she and her friends went on a trip to Vegas and she loved it. A year passed and she decided to have a time-share room in Vegas so she could come back once a year. As time passed, she started playing slots more often and her addiction would become more serious.

In 2017, she managed to win a £50,000 jackpot, but by that time she was pretty addicted to slot machines. She decided to play the slots again and lost £70,000 in just one afternoon, her jackpot included. This moment of great loss turned out to be a moment of sobriety for Christine. She saw what she was doing and realized that she didn’t control the situation.

That’s when she decided to stop and she was doing well until 2021 when she started playing slots again. Again she realized she was making a mistake which is why she turned to Gamblers Anonymous. So far, she hasn’t visited a casino, online or otherwise, in 19 months and she’s regularly seeing a counselor. In short, Christine managed to put a lid on casino addiction and is doing better nowadays.


As mentioned before, casino addiction is hard to deal with. Women face greater stigma than men if they come out as casino addicts which is why they have it worse. But people like Christine show you that it’s possible to get better if you ask for help.

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3 Suspects Arrested on Cruise After Scam Failure

It’s no secret that there are people visiting a casino to get money in any way they can, including cheating. All Vegas casinos have caught many cheaters and will do so again as cheaters never learn.

3 such individuals boarded a cruise ship sailing from France and were looking to scam the casino out of some money. Their scam seemed to be going great until they reached Barcelona and the Guardia Civil came and arrested them. In short, their scam failed and the police saved the day.

The Scammers Were Caught in Barcelona on a Cruise Ship Casino

The Wonder of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world and as such it attracts the attention of many. Tourists from all over the world book passage on this amazing ship and enjoy its facilities. One such premise is the casino which casino fans can visit.

There are lots of table games available but the poker ones seem to be full as lots of people love playing that game. But 3 of the visitors on this ship have booked passage for another reason. They had a scam planned and they were going to execute it.

They seemed like any other tourist on the ship. Until they walked into the casino. Poker was their game of choice and they visited the table frequently. Their scam involved 1 man bothering and distracting the dealer with all sorts of questions while the other 2 players were swapping cards under the table.

Once they had done so a couple of times they attracted the attention of the staff. When they were in Barcelona, the staff contacted the Guardia Civil and the officers came to the ship and arrested the 3 suspects. One of them had a file for conducting casino scams in the US. The Guardia Civil managed to find and seize €37,000 in cash from the suspects that were also revealed to be of British and French nationality.

Thanks to the quick reaction of the casino staff, the scammers were caught and arrested. The money they fleeced off the casino was seized as well.


Cheaters don’t have a future, especially at the casinos because if they’re caught once, the establishment will catch them every following time they try to run their scam. That’s why it’s a better idea to play the game fair. You can win, or you can lose, but you’ll sleep better with a clear conscience.

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Metaverse Casino Stopped Amid NFTs Sale

The Metaverse is the latest thing in the world of social media. It allows users to make avatars and do all sorts of things that seem fun and interesting to them. This virtual playground has all sorts of points of interest even casinos.

Slotie is one such casino and it enabled people to get together and enjoy some casino games as well as invest in some NFTs. However, it recently received an order to cease operation from 4 US states as the NFTs sale was illegal.

Illegal Sale of NFTs Halted

There’s nothing strange about casinos operating in the Metaverse. There’s nothing strange about NFTs as well because they are frequent in the Metaverse as well. But there was something fishy about the way Slotie was selling NFTs to investors.

Representatives of New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky, and Alabama have issued an order for the casino to stop its operations as they were illegal. This order was issued because the investors never knew essential information about the business such as the address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

The states did right in stopping illegal activity because the investors are at risk of being swindled like the many victims of online scams. The Metaverse is relatively young which is why all users, not just investors, need to take extra precautions to remain safe. In situations like these, it’s better to stay safe as you don’t know what might happen.

Slotie will need to disclose information about its finances, liabilities, revenue, and more because of its operation of metaverse casinos. They also have 31 days to seek a hearing on the issue and will need to respond in a timely fashion otherwise it’s liable to a fine of $10,000. So far, there hasn’t been any feedback from the company.

The online world has several virtual playgrounds that cater to lots of users. Some of them are investors or businessmen that are looking to use the money to purchase things which makes these playgrounds risky for them. Companies should always disclose vital information to their clients. In other words, the clients need to know how to reach the company, and where it’s located.

The state where it’s based should be aware of the financial operations of the company. This is the way companies operate regardless if they’re set in the Metaverse or not. It’s entirely possible that Slotie had no bad intentions, they just made the mistake of not following procedure. There’s also the possibility that it may have done an illegal act willingly. Time will tell if the company was looking to go one of the ways, and how it will behave in the future.


Staying safe in the online world is important. The same can be said about the Metaverse which is why companies need to follow procedures when selling NFTs to investors. All online users should take extra steps to be careful when doing business online or just roaming around the Metaverse doing all kinds of things.

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Reef Hotel Casino Breaches Casino Legislation

All casinos need a license to operate. This license is granted by a special body, such as a commission, and the casino will need to operate within regulations to keep the license. If it breaches one or more of them, it will need to work hard to regain the license.

Crown Entertainment, a big name in the casino industry in Australia, lost its license because its venues have been caught in a money laundering scam. Recently, Reef Hotel Casino was also discovered to have breached regulations.

Another Australian Casino Breaks the Law

It seems that the Australian casino industry hasn’t been doing quite well recently. When a name like Crown Entertainment was forced to forfeit its license and get new management as well as more monitoring from a regulative body because of being complicit in money laundering, then something’s off.

Recently, Cairns’ Reef Hotel Casino was taken to court over a breach of casino legislation. Officials were charged with operating beside a restriction on casino licenses. In other words, the casino agreed to provide services, such as offering casino games to players, and in return, it would get a share of the money that made its way to the casino.

This goes strictly under casino regulations which is why officials at the Office of Liquor and Gaming have charged the officials of the Cairns casino complex. The lawyer representing the casino complex has stated that the complex is going to plead guilty to the charge for which they would receive the maximum fine of $5,750. Another court session is to take place in December this year.

For the casino to take a percentage of the money gambled there it needs written approval from the Minister for Liquor and Gaming. Since it didn’t have that, it’s subject to a fine. This kind of behavior will increase the body’s monitoring of the casinos’ operations.

This kind of behavior also lowers the complex’s image and public trust in the casino. In other words, the complex will need to double its effort in convincing the regulative body that it can conduct operations properly, in accordance with regulations.

The second court hearing in December will finalize the situation, but the image of the casino remains besmirched. Popularity will drop and depending on the measures taken, the complex will either learn from its mistakes or it won’t. It will need to pay the fine, but more importantly, it will need to build trust with the regular customers again.

Land-based casinos need to operate under regulations to keep a license and enjoy a certain degree of popularity. If they play by the rules, then they’ll enjoy more clients and attract more new ones. The rules are there for a reason.


Every casino that breaks the law will be punished accordingly. This has been going on in the Australian casino market. Naturally, they have been taken to court and charged, which is why the regulative body will continue to monitor other casinos in the sector for any irregularities in operations.

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Former Casino Cheat Reveals Tools of the Trade

They say cheaters never prosper, but some people are really good at cheating. In fact, they’re so good that they’re never caught. The cheaters that do get caught either quit their scheme or come up with a new one. But they’re eventually caught again.

Richard Marcus is one of the few iconic casino cheaters. He managed to get into a scheme and learn the trade. Then he used his skills to make off with £30 million from casinos all over the world. Nowadays, he’s a casino consultant and helps casinos to uncover cheats.

A Reformed Man That Helps Casinos

Richard started liking casino games when he first saw the races. He liked to place a horse racing bet or two and this was the reason he got into the casino industry. He started out as a dealer in Four Queens Casino. He was doing pretty well as he had a job he liked.

One night he met Joe Classon, who wanted to meet Richard after his shift. The two got together and devised a cunning scheme that would win them thousands of dollars. As Richard was a dealer, he shuffled the cards in such a way that the people playing with them would know the hands that followed when the other dealer came to the scene.

The scheme was a massive success and they continued working together. Joe and Richard came up with the Savannah Strategy which included stealing or adding chips while distracting the dealer. They would usually do the scheme at baccarat and roulette tables.

Richard and his partners would act drunk at a table to distract the dealer and would sneak in chips of higher value. If their hand was a winning one, then they would win more. But if their hand turned out to be a losing one, then they would remove the high-value chip from the stack.

Their schemes were successful and they walked away with millions. Richard was caught once and when he was taken to court he pleaded ignorance and was left off the hook. Richard traveled the world and visited casinos in London, and Monte Carlo and was a star in Vegas.

After 25 years as a professional casino cheat, he made off with $30 million. Nowadays, he’s a reformed man as he’s helping casino bosses with his tricks of the trade. He’s also teaching casino consultants how to protect casino profits.

Moreover, Richard has written lots of books on the subject of casino cheating and continues to help casinos get rid of people with a similar agenda. He has discovered the error of his ways and is making up for it with his knowledge.


People like Richard know a variety of the tools of the trade known as casino cheating. If he had continued to cheat casinos he would have been caught eventually because he’s an older man now. He got wise from experience which is why he decided to be a helping hand to casinos when dealing with cheaters.

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Casino Tycoon Okada Arrested in the Philippines

Throughout the years, people have built empires out of their businesses. Kazuo Okada is one such man and he built Universal Entertainment Corp. from the ground up. But after he left the position as chairman he has been having a certain dispute for ages.

He and his men occupied a Manila casino that was owned by the corporation. That’s why he was charged with coercion since he’s no longer the chairman of the corporation. He was arrested in the Philippines on those charges but was released shortly after posting bail.

An Ongoing Dispute

After his release, the Philippines Supreme Court reinstated him as the chairman of the casino’s Philippine operator. Although he may have built the corporation from the ground up, he was ousted because of misusing funds. That happened in 2017 and since that year he and the corporation have been battling for control of Okada Manila resort.

Recently, Okada decided to take firm action by taking over the Manila resort by force. He sent his men to occupy the casino, but the entire episode ended unsuccessfully as his men were escorted out and he was arrested. Universal Entertainment Corp. was enthusiastic about his arrest which is why its shares grew by 14%.

But the dispute is far from over as he’s taken the chairman position of the resort again thanks to the Supreme Court in the Philippines. He stated that he’s willing to put in the effort to prove that he’s the rightful owner of the Manilla Casino resort. It’s clear that he is willing to do anything it takes to keep ownership of the resort. He sent his men to occupy the premises which is why he was arrested for coercion. And if he’s willing to do that, there’s no telling what else can happen.

Okada is the kind of man that has built something out of nothing. Universal Entertainment Corp. is his brainchild so it’s understandable why he’s not willing to say goodbye to it and its resorts. But he shouldn’t have misused his position as a chairman. If he had played it by the books then he would have been chairman to this day.

It’s unclear if Universal Entertainment Corp. is going to fight back, but it certainly won’t submit to Okada’s efforts to remain in control. This dispute has been going on for years and it won’t be resolved soon enough. Perhaps the chairmen and Okada will come to an understanding and work out a compromise beneficial to both parties.

Time will tell if the dispute will be resolved soon or in the years to come. But, it’s clear that both sides are showing no signs of backing down.


Tycoons have a hard time saying goodbye to their brainchildren and tend to skim off the top when they reach the top. That’s why Japanese tycoon Okada is having a hard time proving the Manila resort is his. Universal Entertainment Corp. will also continue putting its best foot forward in this dispute.

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