Rivers Casino Gets Virginia License

Virginia isn’t a state that’s associated with the casino industry. But that has changed recently. In April 2022 Hard Rock opened a venue, and recently the Rivers Casino finally got a license so representatives of the project can start making the project come alive.

The casino project is going to give the casino fans in the area another spot to visit. The project will also take care of sports betting fans as well as anyone looking for a fun night out with its many bars and restaurants.

The Casino Will Bring Economic Growth to the Community

New projects breathe new life into a community. They don’t only offer a variety of places people could visit, but they also create new jobs. The inception of the project is pretty complex and once it’s done it will need to be built and once it’s built it will need staff. That’s why in both stages of the project, the company behind it will need to look to the community for help.

The community is open to collaboration and getting more jobs as well as attracting tourists to their state. That’s why they voted in favor of the new projects. The Virginia Lottery Board approved the project and granted a license with a unanimous vote.

The project has been going on since December 2021. Rush Street Gaming is the company behind this project and its aim is to bring a lot of benefits to the community. The project is $300 million heavy and it brings lots of attraction. Besides an extensive casino, sports bettors will enjoy a brand new sportsbook called BetRivers once the project is done.

But this casino complex isn’t just for casino and sports betting fans. It has some pretty good bars and restaurants on its list such as Admiral’s Steak and Seafood, Crossing Café, Starbucks, and more. These are brands people know and love, so they will have some new places to visit.

Portsmouth is the town in Virginia where the project is taking place. Its mayor, Shannon Glover, agreed to the project because it will give the town’s economy a boost. The building process alone will open 1,400 construction jobs that the community will need to take. Once the building process is complete, then the casino will need staff for its daily operations so the community can look forward to another influx of 1,300 job positions.

These kinds of projects benefit everyone in the community. They also benefit the people behind them and the state. That’s why these kinds of projects will continue to happen across the US and the world. Virginia will get a new casino resort as it’s expected to open sometime in 2023.


The Rivers Casino will be permanent in Virginia and once it’s completed the community will have more jobs, another attractive place for casino and sports betting fans as well as regular visitors. More importantly, Portsmouth will get a new economic hotspot in the casino complex.

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Nebraska To Get New Casino and Horse Track

New casinos spring up from time to time and they get certain people excited. Naturally, all projects have a good and a bad side to them that needs to be considered before the project starts. That’s why city councils vote on such matters.

Nebraska is going to get a new casino and horse track in Hastings after the project was approved with the right amount of votes. Now it’s up to the company behind it to find a gaming partner and make it happen.

The Project’s Approved After a Long Time

New projects are good for the community. They’re good because they revitalize them and give them new jobs. Government and state also get their share in tax revenue. But most importantly people on the council need to approve the project otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

The same goes for new casino establishments. Recently, this happened in Hastings, a city in Nebraska. The council needed to vote to make a decision on the project and things weren’t looking good as the vote was 4-4 when it came to approving the project.

The second voting round made the flip happen when the result was 6-2 and the project was approved. Prairie Thunder Hastings LLC officials were thrilled to hear that the project was approved by the council. Now they could start working on it. Brian Jorde was working on it for more than a year, and although he was working as a legal counselor for the company, it was pretty tough to get that approval.

The company sent a lot of requests to the council. This was countered with over 800 letters against the project. Also, 24 people were against it and they weren’t afraid to show it publically. When it came to public support, only 4 such people showed their support publically for the project.

Now that it has been approved the company can start with it. All it needs is a gaming partner willing to make it happen and it’s going to break ground in 2023. Moreover, the project is bound to offer the community 120 new jobs which means it’s a big project.

Couple that with the workforce that’s needed to build the project and you have a project that will benefit the community greatly. Once things start happening the company will turn to the community for builders and staffing.

Projects like these are good for everyone because the community benefits with jobs, casino fans get a new place to visit and the state gets its share in taxes. Naturally, they need the support of the city council to come to life and once that’s over the project can begin.


Hastings is getting a new casino and horse track since the council approved the project. With a gaming partner, the company behind the project will start making it come to life. The community can look forward to 120 jobs from the project and the city and state can look forward to the other benefits.

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The Vegas Strip Gets New Casino

Vegas is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention casinos in the United States. There are lots of brand names available and new casinos are making an appearance as well. This is why it’s never boring on the Strip.

The new brand name that announced a brand new casino on the Strip is the Dream Hotel Group. This group announced a new hotel and casino resort on Las Vegas boulevard. This project will have a giant casino that’s going to take up 20,000 square feet as well as a hotel with 531 rooms.

A New Casino Announced, a New One To Be Opened

Old casinos go so that new ones can take their place. New brands step in to give casino fans more interesting casinos. They are better designed and offer more stuff such as more casino rooms, more games as well as bars and restaurants.

The Dream Hotel Group is going to build a hotel-casino resort that will have a variety of things to offer all its visitors. It’s a project that weighs $550 million and it’s bound to be finished by 2024. The Strip will get a new casino, and casino fans and tourists will get a new place to visit and enjoy. But this isn’t the only new casino on the Strip.

Another new casino has been in development for over 20 years. This is known as the Fountainbleau Project and it’s a massive one. The project will offer over 3,000 rooms. It will also offer lots of retail shops, as well as a nice casino. It’s also worth noting that this will be the first luxury hotel that Vegas has seen in 15 years. This project is slowly coming to a close and it’s bound to open its doors sometime in 2023.

Naturally, brand names present on the Strip are looking to expand which is why they’re getting into different projects. This means that the face of the Strip is changing as new projects are happening. With these changes, casino resorts will be bigger and better.

They’ll offer more games on larger casino floors, more bars, restaurants, and swankier hotels with more rooms. In other words, they’ll be more attractive than their predecessors which is why they’re going to draw big crowds of casino fans and tourists alike. Like it or not, the Strip is changing and the casinos are changing with it.

The Dream Hotel Group is in the beginning stages of its project and the Fountainbleau project is slowly finishing up. Both will be fine additions to the Strip and will actively take part in changing the way people enjoy Las Vegas.


There are all sorts of projects taking place on the Strip and in other casino capitals of the world. They are changing the way these locations look and giving casino fans more opportunities to enjoy themselves. With bigger floors, more games, bars, rooms, and restaurants these new projects will usher in a new era of gaming.

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Wynn’s to Open UAE Casino

The United Arab Emirates is one of the amazing places that people like to visit. Businesses like to open offices there because of the exquisite locations which are why if you ever have the chance to visit the country you’ll see lots of companies there.

Recently, Wynn’s brand name decided to join the list of other brands in the UAE with its own casino. This is supposed to happen in 2026. If everything goes well, then Wynn’s will be the only casino in the Ras Al Khaimah emirate to operate without competition.

A Brand Name With No Rival in the UAE

The thing about the UAE is that it’s mostly a Muslim country which is why Sharia Law is part of the legislation. This kind of law prohibits any form of gaming, so it wouldn’t make sense for casino brand names to open resorts. This is true in the case of Caesar’s palace and MGM who have managed to open resorts without casinos.

But this isn’t true for Wynn’s Resort as it will be the only one in the emirate to offer gaming premises. That’s why this is going to be the only casino resort in that emirate without competition. Since it’s set to happen in 2026, Wynn’s officials have a lot of work to do when it comes to planning the complex and making it stand out.

Wynn’s is set on building a casino in the UAE which is a prestigious location. This means that the casino needs to look like it’s part of the scenery. It needs to look as luxurious as possible. The selection of bars, restaurants, as well as gaming looks, will need to be discussed as well as a possible hotel, garage and more.

The officials also stated that they’re looking to make the resort a bit larger than the one in Vegas. When the design is done, the company will need to rely on the local workforce to make the project happen. Once this is over, they will need to rely on the locals again to staff the resort. This project is also in favor of the government as it will get its fair share of taxes. In other words, it’s a win-win project.

Wynn’s brand name will be the only casino in the region. The community will benefit from the jobs it creates for the community. And as mentioned before, the government will get its tax share.

Wynn’s is looking to win with this project which is why it’s going all out when it comes to the design. The project will increase the company’s presence in UAE.


The UAE is a country that’s famous for its glamour and luxury. Wynn’s is a big name in the casino industry so it makes sense for it to open a casino resort there. It will increase its global presence and will also get to operate in a great region.

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The Mirage to Disappear in Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the many casino cities in the world. It has lots of such venues to offer which is why it’s called Sin City. But brand names don’t stay the same throughout the years.

Some of them get bigger which is why they swallow other brands. The same can be said for MGM as it’s going to sell the Mirage in Vegas to Hard Rock and reshape it completely. MGM is pretty close to closing the deal on the Mirage which means that attraction will no longer be available in Vegas.

The Mirage Is Bought by Another Brand

As mentioned before, big brands get bigger or smaller which is why they dominate Vegas or are dominated by the bigger ones. Casinos on the Strip have been taken over by many companies and this cycle will continue in the future.

It just so happens that the MGM brand is in a better position nowadays which is why it’s selling the Mirage. The deal is over a billion dollars and after it’s closed the Hard Rock brand name will take over the Mirage. Naturally, it’s going to change certain things. One of the things is to introduce Hard Rock’s Unity Rewards which is a system of rewards for loyal players. The ones that enjoyed the MGM system of rewards will continue to do so in other MGM venues.

The things that Hard Rock is going to honor include comps, reservations, and other arrangements that the guests have made with the casino complex. The Mirage Volcano will also no longer be around as it will be replaced by a Guitar Hotel which will be part of the complex. The deal is yet to be closed as the finishing touches still are in negotiations

These things happen once in a while. Big brands tend to get bigger if they play their cards right and that’s how they can buy top locations like the ones on the Strip. Currently, the MGM brand is doing pretty well which is why it’s expanding.

More expansions will mean more presence of the brand in Vegas. The casino industry will not forget the likes of the Mirage as it’s going to be remembered. It’s also possible that the brand will come back stronger than ever and buy back its location on the Strip. It’s also possible that the brand is going to expand elsewhere with the money gotten from the deal.

The Mirage is soon going to be reshaped into a Hard Rock casino complex and will continue to entertain Vegas and any tourist looking to enjoy a casino night out or a night out at one of the complex’s bars and restaurants.


The Mirage is a brand associated with Vegas. But so is MGM, a brand that is currently selling the Mirage to Hard Rock, another big casino brand. The Mirage will soon be another Hard Rock venue where tourists and casino fans alike will be able to enjoy their favorite activities.

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Bradford Council Refuses Merkur Slots Proposal

There are casinos all across the UK and brands are always looking to expand. One such brand is Merkur Slots and it applied with a proposal to turn a building in Bradford into a bingo venue.

But the proposal was denied because of the effect that venue would have on the area. The Bradford Council stated that another gaming venue would impact the area severely and increase the number of cases of gaming addiction. The brand name accepted the refusal, but they also appealed the decision which will be taken under consideration by a planning inspector.

Merkur Slots Appeals the Decision

The thing about the city center is that it’s the most densely popular area. This means that any business in that area will thrive because it will have lots of customers. This is why any brand will look to have a presence in the center of a city such as Bradford. That’s the idea behind the Merkur Slots expansion.

The brand was looking at a Bank Street Unit or rather building and it was looking to turn into new premises where it could have a foothold. The Merkur Slots brand is well known across the UK and with a name like that it’s no secret that it has a presence in the casino industry.

This brand was looking to turn the Bank Street building into bingo premises which will operate from 9 am to midnight. However, the Bradford Council denied the proposal of the brand because although it’s the city’s center, it’s a critical area.

Firstly, there are several other betting services available in the area. Secondly, and more important, is the fact that the area is susceptible to gaming addiction because it’s an area with high levels of deprivation. The gaming venues are close to schools, colleges, and other institutions which is why the populace is susceptible to gaming.

Gaming addiction is the prime reason why the council decided against the proposal. Gaming addiction is a matter that plagues mental health and the area of Bradford. It’s a serious issue that both people and institutions have to deal with and the reason why online casinos offer help to anyone that feels like they are getting addicted.

There’s no doubt that gaming addiction is something that needs to be taken seriously, but it’s a complicated issue because people with addiction hardly look for help as they’re stigmatized. Merkur Slots acknowledges the importance of addiction but has decided to appeal the council’s decision which is why a planning inspector will decide on the matter. The matter of new gaming premises in Bradford is in the inspector’s hands and they will decide which way to go.


Gaming addiction is something that demands lots of attention. All brands in the casino industry need to pick a careful approach when dealing with it and collaborate with health institutions to provide the best care for those in need. Gaming addicts should know they can lean on someone for help.

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Big Brands Battle Over NYC Casino Licenses

When you think of Broadway you think of musicals and certainly not casinos, right? Well, officials in New York City have allowed for more casino licenses and nowadays big brands are looking to get a license. So, pretty soon Broadway may be associated with casinos


Wynn Resort and Caesar’s Entertainment are big on the Strip and they’re looking to get a license that will get them an NYC presence. They already have projects in mind. But there are other big names in the business looking to get a license.

Wynn Resorts vs Caesars Entertainment

When a city like New York decides to give brand new licenses, you apply regardless if you’re part of a big brand or not. A chance to have a presence in NYC shouldn’t be missed which is why so many brands are looking to get a license.

Caesar’s Entertainment has casinos all over the states. And they’re not just casinos but casino complexes which makes them attractive to casino fans and other kinds of visitors too. The same can be said about Wynn Resorts. In short, these are 2 serious brands that are looking to make a play for New York City.

Caesar’s Entertainment and SL Green have proposed a project. SL Green already owns a building on Broadway. This is a skyscraper and both companies are looking to put a casino in there. What’s ambitious about this project is that they’re looking to incorporate Broadway theater as an added attraction. Besides this, the Manhattan project will also feature several restaurants, a hotel, and a wellness center. So, it’s possible that Caesar’s Entertainment will bring poker tables and slot machines to NYC. But this isn’t the only potential project that could change NYC forever.

Wynn Resorts is the second brand name that stands out. It has partnered with Related Cos. and is looking to build a complex on the western edge of Manhattan. But this project will need a lot of space to happen and will need to cut active train lines. Besides these two proposals, there are other players in the game.

Hard Rock is also looking to get a foothold in New York and the same can be said for MGM Resorts. But the thing is that only 3 casino licenses are up for grabs in New York City. It’s unclear if Hard Rock or MGM will get a chance at this, but Wynn Resorts and Caesar’s Palace have already run into trouble.

Wynn Resort’s project will need a lot of planning and will take a lot of time to come to fruition. Broadway officials have refused to cooperate with Caesar’s Entertainment which is another hoop the brand will need to jump over. Another thing that these casinos need to worry about is that experience has shown that big resorts don’t do well in big cities.


Names like Caesar’s Entertainment, Wynn Resorts, MGM, and Hard Rock are big in the casino industry and won’t pass on a chance to establish their presence in a city like New York. But they have many obstacles to tackle before they can get a license.

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Improved Hard Rock Casino Gaming Floor Debuts

Big brands in the casino industry will expand when they see an opportunity. This gives them footholds in various countries and states. You can see this all over the US. Hard Rock is such a brand and it expanded a casino recently.

In other words, the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana has expanded its gaming floor with more room for slot machines. Recently, the floor opened its doors to casino players across the state. Now, it has more to offer which is why more players are flocking to the casino.

An Expanded Floor With Added Features

Technology has enabled the casino industry to expand and reach a bigger number of clients. Land-based casinos have been around for some time and they have been rebranded a couple of times. They have also gotten improved slot machines thanks to the rise of technology.

The same can be said about the casino in Northern Indiana as it’s got new slot machines with the latest technology on the market. There are 65 new slot machines available on the gaming floor that now takes up 1,240 square feet of space.

With that addition of slots, the casino now offers more than 1,700 slot machines as well as 80 table games. In other words, casino players now have more games to look forward to. They can play more slots as there are more of them on the improved casino floor.

The more games there are the more players will come to visit the casino. This complex has a variety of other attractions too so other people will also come to visit. Finally, you have the Hard Rock brand name which is synonymous with quality entertainment. Now, the casino in Northern Indiana has more to offer because its gaming floor has been expanded.

This was an operation that needed time to be completed. Casino fans needed to play their favorite games elsewhere, but now that the expansion has been completed, they can go back to their favorite casino. Expansion doesn’t mean that one brand will establish a venue in another state, it also means improving an existing one.

The improvements of the casino in Northern Indiana have given it an edge over the other casinos in the area. The venue offers more games now and comes with more space for players. Moreover, players will get a wider selection of games that will keep them entertained.

They can switch to different kinds of slot machines and try new slots if they want to. Alternatively, they can go to other gaming tables and experience table games as well. The important thing is that they will have more games to enjoy, and that’s a plus in every casino player’s book.


The Hard Rock Casino in Northern Indiana has a new and improved gaming floor with more slot machines than before. Players will have more titles to play and will continue coming back to their favorite casino. This expansion benefits them and the casino too.

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