Real Money Blackjack FAQ’s


Is it legal to play online Blackjack in the US?

There are no federal laws prohibiting US players from playing Blackjack for real money. Some states have made it illegal to gamble online but there is no governing agency to oversee this so-called law. To date, there have been zero prosecutions and players are free to play at offshore casinos.


Can you make a living off Blackjack?

Players do successfully make Blackjack a full-time career. If you are skilled, self-disciplined, and have luck on your side it is very possible. However, there are also players who lose everything including their homes, cars, and families, and it is definitely not worth the risk.


Are Blackjack games rigged?

No, licensed online casinos are regulated and games are run on a computer software called a random number generator making every hand unpredictable and random. They are also regularly audited by third-party companies such as eCOGRA.


Can I play blackjack online for free?

Yes, most casinos allow you to play for free without any downloads. We also offer free online Blackjack games to perfect your skills and gameplay.


How can I find a reputable blackjack online casino?

We review the most reputable blackjack sites here on CE. They offer generous bonuses, fast withdrawals, high payout percentages, a good selection of games, and reliable customer support.


What are the most popular live Blackjack games?

The most popular live blackjack games are:

  • Live Free Bet Blackjack
  • Live Infinite Blackjack
  • Live Blackjack Party
  • Live Hybrid Blackjack
  • VIP Live Blackjack


When is the best time to double down, split or fold?

The key to Blackjack is to remember you only have to beat the dealer and not the other players at the table, so the card the dealer shows should have a big bearing on your actions. We have a separate page for both Blackjack strategy and for tips, so check these out before you start playing to ensure you get the best possible chance of winning.


Can I get a Blackjack bonus?

Most online casinos will offer sign-up and reload bonuses for players, but a lot of the time, these will only be for playing on slots. If you take a bonus and complete wagering, any funds can then be used to play online Blackjack, and some sites do offer table games bonuses so keep an eye out for these. It can't do any harm to contact live support and ask if there is a Blackjack bonus available if that is your game of choice as well.

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