Best Online Gambling Sites FAQs


What is online gambling?

Before the internet, players who wanted to gamble had to go to a land-based Casino or bet shop to play. Now, online gambling has become one of the most widely popular pastimes for people online – you can add funds play games/place bets, and withdraw winnings from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection.


Is online gambling popular?

Very. The industry is seeing growth year after year for almost all countries and games, so by joining the millions of online gambling players every year, you know you are in safe hands, especially when playing at online Casinos/Sports sites recommended by us.


How do I know gambling online is safe?

Even with the increase in online fraud, the safety and security of online Casino players is getting better and you can rest assured that all casino sites and sports betting sites recommended by us have been tested and passed our stringent tests, one of the most important is regarding the safety of players and their funds.


What is the best game to play?

That depends on you and what you like. Check out the great guides our experts have put together for some of the most popular online casino games and where possible try for free first to learn the game or look for no-deposit bonuses before you play with your funds.


What kind of games can I play online?

Slots tend to be the most popular and for that reason, you will find online casinos have more slots than other games. You should always play at a gambling site that has a wide range of games to give you the best possible chance of finding one or two that you like.


Can I gamble online on a mobile?

Yes, many online casinos and sports sites have an App you can download, but even those that don't ensure their site is optimized for play from a mobile device so you will get the best mobile gambling experience as you would expect from a laptop/desktop.


Why Should I Gamble Online?

Even if you live near a land-based Casino, there are many distinct advantages to playing online. These include but are not limited to: • Variety – Land-based Casinos are limited by space to how many slots/table games they can have. This is not the case online, many online Casinos offer several thousand slots to choose from – imagine how big a land-based Casino would need to be to offer this! • Bonuses – Due to the sheer number of online Casinos available, many tend to offer regular online Casino bonuses to try and attract players. This is not always the case with land-based Casinos as the lack of competition means players would go there with or without a bonus. • Security – The amount of security offered by online Casinos these days ensures your funds are just as secure, if not more so than if you play offline. It is quick and easy to add money to your account and you never need to hold the cash in your hands either. • Convenience – As long as you have a good internet connection, you can play at an online Casino from anywhere and at any time you want – no need to travel to and from the Casino wasting time and money as you would with a land-based version.

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