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Poker Promotion Variations
There are many different types of online poker promotions available these days and we give you the most accurate information to make the most informed choices. below we take a look at the following:

  • Safest and most secure online poker sites
  • How easy it is to boost your bankroll and the different types of bonuses
  • The best bonuses from accredited poker rooms



Tournaments which are free to enter – some may have requirements such as x poker points earned in the last 7 days – but which have a real money prize pool.

Match Bonus

Bonus funds which are given to a player depending on the amount of their 1st deposit and how many poker points they earn – and therefore how much rake and fees they pay – in a period immediately after their 1st deposit.

Added Value

Tournaments that cost money to enter where money is added to the prize pool on top of the money paid as entrance fees by players.

Qualification to Land Based Event

  • Tournaments where players win entry to a real poker tournament in a casino/poker club/cruise ship as opposed to cash
  • Play with a celebrity
  • Playing against a well-known personality on the tables gives you a chance to speak to them and ask them questions as well as playing poker against them
  • Points to spend in shop
  • A loyalty scheme whereby players earn points for playing poker depending on rake/fees paid, they can then exchange those points for physical items often related to poker or the brand, you can normally use them for entry to some tournaments too

Rake Race

A race over a set period of time – often 1 week or 1 month – whereby players who earn the most poker points get a share of a prize pool paid for by the brand.

Rake Back

Players who play real money poker get a % of the rake and fees they pay back in cash.

Guaranteed Tournaments

Tournaments with a prize pool of a guaranteed amount, even if there aren’t that many entries, this amount will be paid out to the winners.

VIP Club

Players who earn a set number of points during a month get promoted to VIP level and get extra benefits such as higher rake back, more match bonus offers and more poker points for every €1 in rake/fees paid.

Refer a Friend

If an existing player recommends the site, they get a cash bonus if their friend signs up, deposits and earns x poker points.

Bad Beat Jackpot

When a player on a cash table uses both hole cards but loses with a very good hand – often 4 of a kind 8’s or better – they win % of a jackpot and the rest is split between the winner of hand and those at the table at the time.


Players are given bonuses for achieving a challenge at cash tables such as being dealt each pocket pair, winning with 72o – the worst starting hand etc.

Royal Flush Bonus

If a player gets a Royal Flush using both hole cards, they can claim for a bonus.

As you can see, there are many varieties of bonus when it comes to playing poker, many more than are available for casino and sports betting, so have a think about the one/s you would like the most and choose your site accordingly.

Here we list the top 6 poker rooms. You can read the review to get the latest bonuses and promotions for each:

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