Accredited Online Roulette Sites

Online Roulette Sites
Here are our very best online Roulette sites to play for real money. They are all safe and have a solid reputation in this industry.

 CasinoDeposit BonusSign Up BonusPlay
Roaring21 CasinoRoaring 21
210% up to $210025 Spins
 Casino Bonus Sun Palace Casino400% Up to $500$20.00
Miami Club Miami Club Casino200% Up to $200$10.00
SlotJointSlot Joint
$1,000 Free Bonus$0
Trada CasinoTrada Casino
100% Up to $100 10 Free Spins
Uptown casinoUptown Aces
250% + 50 Free Spins$20.00
IntertopsIntertops Casino
125% Up to $1,000$0
Bovada Casino BonusBovada
100% Up to $1000$0
Cosmo CasinoCosmo Casino150 Free Spins$0
Slotty VegasSlotty Vegas
100% +25 free spins$0

The Four Key Types of Online Roulette

There are four key types of roulette that players can find on the Internet, and we’re going to cover each of them here.

Online roulette is based around four specific types of the game, and a lot of players have a lot of misconceptions about how each of these styles of play compare to each other. Generally speaking, the differences between these types of Internet roulette games have to do with the available bets and the payout rates of those bets as a whole.

While there is a strategic aspect to game selection for this particular title, there’s also the simple fact that there is a bit of redundancy between the games. This can trick some players into thinking that there is no real difference between them, which is what we want to avoid here.

The Key Variables of Internet Roulette

There are three main variables that help to determine the type of roulette you’re playing. We’ll list them here and break them down below:

  1. The number of spots on the wheel and the table (0-12 or 0-36)
  2. Whether there are any special rules (en prison/la partage)
  3. The number of zero spaces on the wheel and the table

Different combinations of roulette create the different types of the game, and we’re going to look at each of the four main styles of online roulette in the context of these three variables here.

The Four Online Roulette Styles

The first type of roulette that most players are familiar with is American roulette. It uses 0-36, it does not have special rules, and it has two different zero spaces. This game has a high house advantage, and it’s recommended that players avoid it.

The second type of online roulette, and the most common among Internet players, is European roulette. For all intents and purposes, this is exactly like American roulette, but instead of offering two zero spots, it only has one. This small change drops the house advantage down quite a bit, making it the preferred option for many online players.

Next up is French roulette, a game that is very easily confused for the European variation. While it does have the 0-36 number setup and a single zero, what sets it apart from the above two styles of the game is that it has the special la partage rule. What this means is that if you lose on an even money bet due to landing on the green zero, you only lose half of your bet instead of the full thing. This drops down the house edge a bit as well.

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