What currencies can I play in?

Like most online gambling sites, Sportsbooks will often have a range of currencies that you can use to deposit and bet with. Even if your currency of choice isn’t available, you can still deposit and play, the site will transfer your deposit to your chosen currency at the equivalent exchange rate, and do the same when you withdraw funds.


Do Online Sportsbooks offer bonuses?

You will find most Sportsbooks offer free bets for new players, this often won't be added to accounts until your first bet/s has settled – meaning the event has finished and you have either won or lost. Other sites will offer cashback, free bets if you bet a certain amount each week, give an extra % on top of winnings or give a free bet equal to your bet if you come close to winning – there is a lot of variation when it comes to Sportsbook bonuses so check out our section on Sportsbook bonuses for more information on each.


How can I find reputable Sportsbooks online?

All the Sportsbooks we recommend on here go through a 9-step process, so you can be confident that if you see a site on here, it is reputable.


Which sports can I bet on?

Different Sportsbooks will cover different events, but the majority of sports will be available on all good Sportsbooks. Almost every sport you can think of will be available to bet on especially when there is a big competition going on, and many sites also offer bets on real-world events such as elections, TV reality shows, and the next pope.


What types of sports bets can I place online?

There are a lot of events you can bet on every day and within each, a long list of different markets you can bet on. You can also place a bet on lots of different events which can result in a big payout if you win. Be sure to check out the separate page on Sportsbook bet types for more information on each of the main bet types.


Are there set hours when I can bet on sports?

Due to the wide-ranging number of sports available to bet on and different time zones across the world, you will be able to find something to bet on at any time of day or night, wherever in the world you happen to be. Some times of the day will be busier and have more events available than others though.

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