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What is a Bankroll in Poker?

Have you ever heard of the term bankroll? Well, sure you would have if you are an avid online poker fan and can’t get enough of that casino competition. But for those you barely have the edges, knowing only that there is a game called poker would only have the slightest inclination of what a bankroll is.

Well for all you beginners banking into another world, a bankroll is basically how much you are willing to invest and how much you are willing to lose. This doesn’t sound so much like a respectable answer, but it’s important to realize that you probably won’t win everything and you need a comfortable cushion to sit on those funds.

As a rule of thumb – never invest more than you would be willing to lose to your friends at your new casino site. If you would be fine with blowing $100 bucks then put it in the pot and see what you can win with it. As you progress your bankroll will go rolling down the dollar signs to golden green lane, filled with thousands of dollars.

Depending on how often you play, that will determine how much you should or would invest into each bankroll. If you are a seasonal online poker player, then your bankroll will definitely be higher making your target roll in the thousands range.

While those heavily active in the poker industry believe these smaller investments just lead to losses, it is your best bet as the beginner wager, until you’ve learned to control your hand as well as your bankroll. It is suggested by the poker masters, that you should not invest more than 200 “big bets”, unless you’ve proven that you are an ongoing success. If the 200 limit is getting too small for you to do anything spectacular in the internet casino galore of online poker, you can bet more.

Keep track of all of your sessions, especially in the beginning. You will actually then begin to see the progression of your bankroll, as well as your successes in the world’s favorite pastime. You will be able to determine what kind of player you are – a winning one or a losing one – guiding you to make wiser decisions with you bank roll. If your session log shows that you are progressing and that you should invest more, then invest more and from there you can build your bank roll as you become a high-roller into the virtual poker world.

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