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The Oscar Grind Betting System Pt.2

Oscar Grind Betting System
Another session starts… But hey! What’s happening? 14 spins later we’re down 17 for the session and must bet another five… OK, we can afford it… Lost! Now, wait!

After 40 spins more we’re down another 169 (186 down for the session) and are supposed to bet 19 units… Our Grand Bankroll is down 164 units (incl. the bet). Sorry to say, before the night ends we have been down 1383 units, plus another 68 units bet and walk away at closing-time with a total loss of 1042 (-1064 for the session and last bet was 93 units)!

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But how could this happen? When having a streak of some losses, some wins, some losses, etc., you will find that the bet is steadily increasing and so, when the losses are dominant, you have to make high bets thus risking losing much and quick.

That is exactly what happened; have a look at the last 50 spins in the file (above). We actually work our way up from -1383 units to -695, but while doing so we have increased the bets from 68 to 93! And so; in the last six spins – four losses, one win, and another loss – we again lose and this time 369 units, an average of 61.5 per spin!

Now, the goal of this system is to win one unit per session. We have lost 1064 in one session, so there is a need for some 1000 uninterrupted winning sessions here…

What about Black? If the bets are all on Black, we must win because Red lost!

Yes, we won. We had 62 winning sessions before the last one, which ended in -15 after 45 spins when the table closed. To sum up; we lost 1064 on Red and 15 on Black while we won 22 on Red and 62 on Black – giving the net result of minus 995 units…

Also, you can argue that the above way is a “positive progression” (you raise your bet on a win) and that a “negative progression” might be better. Well, you are right, actually.

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