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Millions of people play online casino games and enjoy, but hardly a few of them would know that it was barely an idea before the mid 1990s. It all started with the Antigua Barbuda government passing the license to run online gambling casinos in 1994.

When It All Started….

  • If we go really back in time, casino games root back to the 1300s and were invented by French to be played with some sort of cards. The Dutch people modified some of the games after in the 18th century, and came up with the unique lottery machine.
  • Gambling, in modern times got a new makeover with the magnificent creation “Las Vegas” and saw a few decades being a pass-time for the riches only, until internet made it possible for even the common man to play casino games online and enjoy gambling.
  • Facing a lot of technical and developmental challenges in its early years, the internet gambling industry finally came to a point in the year 1998 when a bill to prohibit all internet gambling companies was submitted.
  • Supposedly, understood by the experts then, that the revenues of Online gambling industry had touched $1 Billion in just a year and were showing exemplary future growth prospects.
  • As a result, the bill was put down, still, since then several attempts have been made to demolish the virtual walls of one of the world’s favorite leisure activity, but more & more people join everyday and have fun while they play casino games online.
  • Eventually, with the fast growth in technology in the past ten years helped online gambling industry to prosper and being operative in every country, one by one, wherever internet access went, has put it on the internet wall of fame. You will shortly know why?…
  • Interesting enough, today, even the economic experts cannot estimate the exact amount of revenues and worth of the online gambling industry. In fact the figures are as vague as $20 to $50 billion per year.

Future predictions of online gambling industry clearly indicates that it will join the league of Automobile, IT & Health in the next few years to come the online gambling industry will become a trillion dollar industry. Feel like being a part of it? Well, get on board, play casino games and ride the trillion dollar wave with the fastest growing online gambling industry.

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