Published 28-12-2006

HollywoodPoker Pays out $10,000 in Celebrity Bounties

HollywoodPoker weekly Celebrity Tournaments: Canadian Poker Night, the
Michael Woods Celebrity Invitational and the HollywoodPoker Celebrity Tournament have dealt out over $10,000 in Celebrity
Bounties in December alone. In addition to regular Celebrity attendance, these three events feature the Progressive
Bounty payout system, which means the more Celebrity Players you knock-out, the more money you win. Players have collected
$2,500 for a single hand and over $117,725 in bounties have been paid out to date. The past few weeks have seen players
like Mimi Rogers (Austin Powers), Yancey Arias (CSI: Miami), Josh Malina (The West Wing), Pamela Gidley (The Pretender)
and Mary McCormack (Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star) hit the tables.

Another hot attraction this holiday season is the release of the 2007 HollywoodPoker Girls Calendar. The HollywoodPoker
Girls have gained international acclaim as the 12 hottest poker hostesses on the net – and now HollywoodPoker’s giving
its player base the chance to take them home. As a token of their appreciation for another year of gaming success,
HollywoodPoker’s giving away a free 2007 HollywoodPoker Girls Calendar to anyone who makes a deposit and plays at
HollywoodPoker. Plus, players can now cast their votes for who they think should make the cut in 2008.

About Hollywood Poker

Aside from offering players the chance to play with mega-talents like James Woods (Shark), Vince Van Patten
(“World Poker Tour”), Jason Alexander (Farce of the Penguins), Dennis Quaid (Vantage Point), Mena Suvari
(American Beauty), Jon Favreau (The Break Up), Joshua Malina (West Wing), Mimi Rogers (Austin Powers),
Kevin Nealon (Weeds), Anne Heche (Men in Trees), Kelly Hu (In Case of Emergency), Meat Loaf (Fight Club)
and many others, this star-studded site also offers players access to exclusive promotions, like the
lucrative Invite-A-Friend program and deposit bonuses for up to $1,000. Poker enthusiasts from all-over
the world agree that HollywoodPoker is the place to play if you want to experience the star-treatment
from an online casino.

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