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The Pyramid Betting System (D’Alembert)

Pyramid Betting System

Many players the world over think they have a system that allows them to get the better of casinos and The Pyramid Betting System (D’Alembert) is no exception.

The casino will almost always win in the long term – but some systems do allow you to increase your chances of winning a session in the short term and we understand why players like to use them.

Here we look at the Pyramid Betting System…

What is the Pyramid Betting System?

Also known as the D’Alembert betting system, the Pyramid betting system is one of the most popular systems for roulette.

It doesn’t involve you betting large amounts like the Martingale system, although it does follow a similar pattern to it.

As with most betting systems, you will be betting on even money outcomes such as Black/Red, Odd/Even or High/Low in Roulette, or the Pass/Don’t Pass Line in Craps.

How the Pyramid Betting System Works

As with other systems, you bet a set number of units that change depending on how well you do. With the Pyramid betting system, we will start off with bets of €1 which equals 1 unit.

If you win your first bet, you bet 1 unit – €1 next time.

If you lose, you will add 1 unit to your bet – so €2.

As an example, if you were to start off with a losing streak and lose 6 bets in a row, your bet amounts would be €1, €2, €3, €4, €5 and €6 – so a total loss of €21.

Now, if you win, you remove 1 unit – so €1 in our case – from your next bet.

It is a fun system that takes the concept of the Martingale system but adds just 1 unit instead of doubling the bet each time – it, therefore, can provide nice profits without a large amount of risk.

Example of the Pyramid Betting System

The below is an example of how a session could go:

Bet amountOutcomeTotal

You can see why it is called the Pyramid system by looking at the bet amounts. Each time is increases or decreases by 1 depending on whether you win or lose.

In the above example, we lost 8 spins including 5 in a row and won just 6 times, and yet we broke even.

It is worth ensuring you have a reasonable bankroll when compared to your bet amount to make sure you have enough time to make a profit, for example, if you are betting €1 a time to start, a bankroll of €40 should get you a session that lasts a while – you saw above that the most we were down was €12 and that was after 5 losses in a row.


The Pyramid Betting System is an easy one to work out that doesn’t involve you risking a large amount of money.

As with any casino game, there is a house edge that will see you finish behind in the long term, but if you play carefully and follow the guidelines above, using the Pyramid Betting System should see you have an enjoyable experience with a good chance of making a small profit.

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