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Blacklisted Casinos 2023: Beware of These Rogue Online Sites!

Rogue Online Casino sites
Here is our full list of rogue online casino sites with major warnings to stay clear of. These casino sites are completely blacklisted and should be avoided at all cost.

We determine if a casino site has gone rogue by looking at a combination of reports from players, reputation from online forums and feedback from other respected sources. We receive a number of emails from players who feel that the bonus terms and conditions from many online casinos are unfair. Make sure to read all about online casino wagering requirements so this doesn’t happen to you.

Casino Site


AffPower Casino Groupthey are using pirated NetEnt games
Africanpalacecasino.comtoo many player complaints/refused payouts
Aztecasino.comtoo many player complaints/refused payouts payouts/refused payouts
CasinoBellinicomrefuse payouts
Casinostates.comrefuse payouts
Cherryredcasino.comignore players/refuse payouts
Crowneurope.comignore players/refuse payouts
Cyber-bets.compoor customer service/non payouts
Eucitycasino.comt/c breach of contract/non payment
Eldoradopalace.eutoo many player warnings/non payment
Euromaxplay.complayer warnings/non payment
Europacasino.compoor customer service/non payouts
Europaplay.comnon payouts player complaints/non payment player complaints/non payment
Giantvegas.compoor customer service/non payouts
Grandreefcasino.compoor customer service/non payouts player complaints/non payment player complaints/non payment player complaints/non payment
Laislacasino.complayer complaints/non payment
Libertybellcasino.complayer complaints/non payment player complaints/non payment
player complaints/non payment player complaints/non payment player complaints/non payment player complaints/non payment player complaints/non payment player complaints/non payment too many player complaints
Partycasino.complayer complaints/non payment too many player complaints
PrimeCasino.comtoo many player complaints
PlayersVegas.comtoo many player complaints
Rushmoreonline.complayer complaints/shady practices
Royaldice.complayer complaints/non payment
Staycasino.comnon-payment/unethical practices
Supremeplay.comtoo many player complaints
PrimeCasino.comtoo many player complaints
Skykingscasino.comtoo many player complaints
SuperCasino.comtoo many player complaints
casino.comtoo many player complaints /em>too many player complaints
Smartlivegaming.comtoo many player complaints player complaints/non payment player complaints/shady practices
Thebescasino.comtoo many player complaints
Vegasred.complayer complaints/non payment
Vernons.complayer complaints/shady practices business practices player complaints/shady practices


If a rogue casino site can get away with it, then it has all of the incentive in the world to simply steal the winnings of their players. That’s why lists like these are important so that players know not to play with these sites until their issues are resolved. However, there are other ways you can tell if the online casino you’re considering playing with can be trusted by looking at their history, licensing and certifications.

Other Casinos We No Longer Promote

Online CasinoReason
21 Dukes CasinoThis casino is closed.**
24VIP CasinoWe no longer promote this casino.**
321 Crypto CasinoWe no longer promote this casino.**
7Reels CasinoThis casino is closed.**
Bingo CanadaThis casino is closed.**
Bspin CasinoWe no longer promote this casino.**
Casino MoonsThis casino is closed.**
Instant BingoThis casino is closed.**
Rich CasinoThis casino is closed.**

Warnings on Licenses and Certifications

Because a license or certification is essentially one company or organization vouching for the integrity of an online casino, the most important thing is whether or not their recommendation holds any weight. For example, a license in Malta or the United Kingdom means a lot because they have shown over and over again that they’ll enforce their strict rules. A license in Costa Rica, however, isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on because they have proven they won’t reprimand a licensee over virtually anything. This doesn’t mean that every online casino is rogue because they have a license in Costa Rica, it just means they offer services to players where online gambling isn’t regulated. They do tend to be not as strict when it comes to player protection. Just make sure to play from only accredited online casinos


As far as certifications go, you also have to look at the quality of the company issuing it. At the time of this writing, eCOGRA is the most important independent certification body, and their Safe & Fair Seal is the name of the certification they give out to online casinos. If you’re unsure about a certification posted on a casino’s website, and a quick Google search doesn’t show up anything important, then it might just be something they made up. Many rogue internet casinos will do this, so it’s best to stick to word of mouth and visit forums such as GPWA.

Rogue Payout Histories

One of the most important things a casino site can have is a history of paying out to their players when they’re supposed to. Quick payouts that come within 48 hours are nice, but reliable payouts are more important, even if they take a few days. If you run into a site that hasn’t been around long, you’ll naturally be a bit weary. However, if you see a casino that’s been running for five or more years and that has a solid history of paying out withdrawals reliably, then you’ll probably be in good shape. Staying clear of rogue online casino sites is possible if you check warning list such as ours, before making any deposits.

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