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Self-Exclusion Programs: Taking Control of Your Gambling Habits

Daniela López Written by Daniela López
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Self-Exclusion Programs

In this article, we’ll explore the world of Self-Exclusion Programs, a vital tool for those struggling with gambling. These programs are designed to help people who find it hard to control their betting habits, whether in physical casinos or online platforms. By voluntarily joining a self-exclusion program, individuals can take a significant step towards managing their gambling behavior. This initiative blocks access to gambling opportunities, acting as a practical barrier against the temptation to gamble. It’s a proactive approach, showing that with the right support, overcoming gambling challenges is possible.

What Are Self-Exclusion Programs?

Self-exclusion programs are simple yet helpful tools that gambling places provide. They let people choose to block themselves from gambling for a set amount of time. These programs are made to give folks a break, a chance to think about their gambling and get a handle on it. This way, they can take a step back, look at their habits, and try to control their urge to gamble.
Each country will have their own Self-Exclusion Programs such as:


  • GamStop (United Kingdom): GamStop is a leading self-exclusion program in the UK, allowing individuals to exclude themselves from all licensed online gambling sites, and promoting responsible gambling habits nationwide.
  • GAMSTOP (Australia): Similar to its UK counterpart, GAMSTOP in Australia offers a platform for self-exclusion across various online gambling sites, enabling individuals to take control of their gambling behavior.
  • Responsible Gaming Foundation (Malta): The Responsible Gaming Foundation provides a self-exclusion program that empowers users to limit their access to multiple online gambling platforms operating under Malta’s jurisdiction.
  • ROFUS (Denmark): ROFUS enables Danish players to self-exclude from online casinos and betting sites licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority, fostering a safer gambling environment.
  • PlayOK (Canada): PlayOK’s self-exclusion program grants Canadian players the ability to take a break from online gambling platforms, supporting responsible gaming practices across the country.

How Do Self-Exclusion Programs Work?

Step 1: Understanding Your Options

Online casinos and betting sites often include a self-exclusion feature for their users. This option is usually located in the responsible gambling area or the help section of their website. If you have additional questions about how self-exclusion works, you can easily reach out to their customer support through email or live chat. It’s a useful feature for players who feel the need to pause their gambling activities. This break can help them reassess their gambling habits and make better choices. Remember, the support team is there to help you understand and navigate the self-exclusion process.

Permanent Self-Exclusion Programs

Permanently self-excluding is a serious step for people who want to stop gambling for good. These are offered by some platforms, like GAMSTOP, which helps you stay away from online gambling. Online casinos also have the option to permanently self-exclude. Once you sign up for GAMSTOP, it stops you from using gambling websites and apps in the UK. It’s like a big off switch for online gambling. You choose how long you want to be excluded, and it can be for many years or even forever. It’s a big decision, but for some people, it’s the right choice to keep gambling from being a problem in their life.

Permanent Self-ExclusionStep 2: Initiating Self-Exclusion

  • Locate the Self-Exclusion Option: Navigate to the responsible gambling or account settings section on the gambling platform’s website or app.
  • Select Self-Exclusion: Click on the self-exclusion option, which might be labeled as “Self-Exclusion,” “Responsible Gaming,” or similar terms.
  • Choose Duration: Decide the duration of your self-exclusion period. Options typically range from a few days to several months or even years, depending on the platform.
  • Confirm Your Decision: Follow the prompts to confirm and initiate the self-exclusion period. Some platforms may require additional steps for verification purposes.

Step 3: Committing to Self-Exclusion
Once you start your self-exclusion, the gambling site takes steps to stop you from using their services. They make sure you can’t log in, put money in your account, or gamble on their site. This means you won’t be able to play any games or bet until the self-exclusion period is over. It’s a straightforward way to help you stay away from gambling if you need a break. Just remember, during this time, you won’t have access to any of the site’s gambling features. This is all part of how the site helps you manage your gambling.

Benefits of Self-Exclusion Programs

  • Limiting Temptations: Self-exclusion acts as a barrier between the individual and the gambling platform, reducing the temptation to engage in impulsive betting behavior.

  • Regaining Control: By taking a break from gambling activities, individuals can reassess their habits, seek support, and regain control over their spending and behaviors.

  • Seeking Support: During the self-exclusion period, individuals can explore support resources available for problem gambling, such as helplines, counseling services, and support groups.

Things to Consider

  • Permanent vs. Temporary Self-Exclusion: While temporary self-exclusion provides a breather, some individuals might benefit more from a permanent exclusion to prevent future temptations.

  • Seeking Additional Help: Self-exclusion is a valuable step, but it’s equally essential to seek further support if gambling-related issues persist. Professional counseling or support groups can offer guidance and assistance throughout the recovery journey.


Self-exclusion programs serve as a proactive step for individuals looking to manage their gambling habits. They offer a valuable tool to limit access to gambling platforms, providing a necessary break to reassess habits and regain control. By understanding how these programs work and utilizing them effectively, individuals can embark on a journey towards responsible gambling practices and a healthier relationship with gaming. Remember, taking control is the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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