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Slot Rules To Help You Win!

Slots Rules
Most online slots are played using coins, the value and number of which can be altered depending on how much you wish to bet.

As an example, if you want to bet €1 per spin, you can choose to have the value of the coin as €1 and play using 1 coin, the value of the coin as €0.50 and play using 2 coins or the value of the coin as €0.20 and play using 5 coins.

We would suggest that wherever possible you play with the maximum number of coins so, in the above example, it is better to play with 5 coins with a value of €0.20 than 1 coin of €1. This is because some machines pay better amounts when the maximum number of coins is used.

Other slots have a bet amount per line. In all circumstances we would recommend playing maximum lines at all times and drop down a coin value if necessary, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a big win come in on a line that you aren’t playing!

Below you can see a screenshot of a standard online slot where you can see the number of coins, value and total bet.

Online Slot Rules coins

In this instance, we are playing with a €0.01 coin, 25 lines with 10 coins per line making a total bet of €2.50 – 0.01 * 25 * 10.

Every slot has differing win lines, some have just 5, others 30 to 40 and some slots have ‘win all ways’ which means if the same symbol appears anywhere on the 1st 3 columns you will win – the majority of these have 5 columns and 3 rows which means there are 243 possible ways to win.

Although it may sound like a lot, it is worth mentioning that this doesn’t mean you have a better chance to win as each slot has a set payout % which is the average amount it pays out over the long term. Online slots are often around the 95% to 98% mark which isn’t too bad although not as good as some other casino games.

You will often find ‘Scatters’ on online slots, these are symbols that win if they appear anywhere on the reels as opposed to on the first 3 columns of a win line. On many slots, 3 or more Scatters will get you Free Spins or another Feature.

The Features of a slot machine are what make the game more exciting and can often lead to nice wins, so keep an eye out for these when you are choosing which slot to play.

online slot jackpot

You will also find some that have a jackpot, such as the one above, which keep rising until someone wins it. The one above is currently $3,421 but on some machines, these can get to €1m or more before they pay out – a real life-changing amount!

There are literally thousands of online slots to choose from and almost every online casino these days have at least a few hundred available, we suggest that you try a few out on a free play first and decide which ones you enjoy the most before playing for real money.

Finally, remember the main aim of playing slots is to enjoy yourself so play smaller stakes if you want a longer session, you can still win a nice amount quicker than on other casino games even if the odds aren’t as good.

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