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Small Wins Betting System 2023: Boost Your Earnings Consistently

Small Wins System

Small Wins System Part 1

This system was developed over the past 2 years and has proven to be a useful tool in making money from the casinos.

The idea that drives this system to success is not the betting but the idea of winning small portions of a bet at a time in order to achieve an extremely high win rate that is never lost.

I have been messing around with this system for 1 1/2 years and came up with the idea 2 years ago.

The system is really simple in essence and when played following the rules, a player will always win in the long run, during the short run there will be fluctuations that will be for and against the player (hopefully more for the player than not).

The goal of this system is to win a small portion of the bet over a period of spins.

An example would be 1 unit over 4 spins or 1 unit over 5 spins or more. This way the goal will be making .25 in the case of 1 in 4 spins ratio units per spin.

The betting is easily computed through a math formula.

This formula is X/Y.

You start out by placing 1 in the X meaning 1 unit target to gain.

Y is the number of spins you want to make that 1 unit in, it could be 4 spins or more. When you win a bet, you deduct the winnings from X and deduct 1 from Y.

When you lose, Y increases by 1 and you add the loss to X.

An exception to the rule above is if a player feels their bets are too high, then they could possibly add 2 to the Y instead of 1 which will decrease the next bet.

The goal of this system is to play one of two bets.

The first possible play is EVEN MONEY CHANCES.

The second possible play is 3 DOUBLE STREETS.

Note: when you play with the 3 double streets, you add 3 to Y on a loss instead of 1.

Note: also start out with 4 times the Y amount you were aiming for (so if it’s a 1:4 ratio, it would be 1:12)

The way I have found to be successful is to play for short-term trends but keep in mind the long-term. A session can last a really long time but can also be very short.

For EVEN CHANCES, I look at the marquee and see what even money bet is coming up the most (r/b, e/o, l/h).

I then play that even money bet in hopes that it will continue to hit constantly throughout the next set of numbers on the marquee (play the entire marquee worth of numbers, some hold 10 numbers, some hold 15, and casinos will vary).

By playing this way, I have found that making a profit is more than 50% of the time.

Small Wins System Part 2

The way I have found to be successful for 3 DOUBLE STREETS is by playing a different kind of pattern.

What I do is I look at the marquee and place units down on the 3 double streets that have hit the most throughout the

You play the entire marquee’s worth of plays (like the EVEN MONEY CHANCES above). I have found that this may only be a good selection method because it tends to keep hits on the hot DOUBLE STREETS, but there are times when a DOUBLE STREET may be hot, but then goes cold. This does not happen too often but will happen.

A session is not over until the X closes to 0. It will ALWAYS be close to 0 overtime. If you are down on your luck, do not worry because, in time, you will get a good streak which will wipe out all the units you are down, the betting only prolongs the time period of losing.

A mini-session will end when you gain your UNIT, the main session will end when you reach your TARGET.

A play that I find very useful in closing a session early a good majority of the time is by playing until a 1:1 ratio is met through the X and Y.

I start my sessions off at 1:7.

Now, the way it works is I play 1 unit, and if I lose, I am at 2:8. Now, I bet the entire X amount as long as it does not go over the Y value, but only after a win in hope that a second win will show up due to a hot streak. So, if I lose again, I would be at 3:9, but if I win after that, it turns to 2:8 then I bet the 2 units in hopes of a win.

A mini-session closes often with this procedure. It also applies to the double streets, but just multiply the ratios by 3.

When you reach the 1:1 ratio, you divide the Y margin by 2, then play as normal, this way when you win you win more units back at a time and are now FLAT BETTING.

A recommended bankroll is 100 units. Bets will remain low pretty much throughout the entire game and when they get high, you can just set them lower by increasing Y. The target is 5-10 units, what other investments do you know you will make a constant5-10% return on a daily basis? Probably none, but now, here is one.

This system could also be played through flat betting.

You flat bet the entire marquee amount that is available. With flat betting, the bankroll does not need to be more than 20 units tops. Most of the time you will achieve a flat bet win, and sometimes it will take a little longer, but in the end, FLAT BETTING has also proven very effective. I originally started out with the above progression, but knowing a win is more likely than 50% of the time, I now flat bet. I am for a profit of 2 units
FLAT BETTING 2/20 = 10% of the bankroll.

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