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Stan’s Betting System

Stan's Betting System
Here is how Stan puts it:

“To All Players.

Just a few comments before I email a copy of this system to those who have asked for it. This system was designed back in 1969 and eventually put on a Radio Shack computer that had no hard drive, just a floppy disk. Then I transferred it to Windows 3,1 using Word Perfect. Then transferred to Windows 98 and this transfer distorted the order that it was originally written in. The system and comments were 30 pages.

I will try to send you a short-form version. But I do have a copy of the entire system that is printed. Several years ago I was involved in selling systems for the purpose of contacting players and exchanging ideas. I started my hobby designing systems when I was in the 8th grade in school back in 1938 teaching students how to play dice for marbles and have enjoyed the challenge all of my life and at 78 I still enjoy it. I have also spent thousands of dollars buying systems and recently sold my entire library of systems, books, and software and the reason is obvious.

Now to the systems. I sold with a guarantee and no player has ever asked for a refund. Because, as I claimed: If you, the player didn’t lose 21 bets more than you won PLAYING RANGE 21, you would win.

I am sure that many players did lose 21 bets more than they won, AND I HAVE, TOO. I have yet to see a system THAT NEVER LOSES! and all the players on these gambling sites haven’t either. If they did, they wouldn’t be on these sites. Except maybe to learn. The beauty of this system is that if you have won more bets than you lost and could maintain it, BY EVEN ONE BET, YOU CAN’T LOSE.

I will give you a short version below. The system is played in what I call ranges from range 6 to 61 if you want. I will give you an example of range 11.

To play range 11 you write down the numbers from 1 through 21. This means that if you never lose 11 bets more than you win, you can’t lose. But of course, if you do lose 11 bets more than you win you will break a bankroll which is adding bet #11 through 21, which would be: 11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21= -176 bankrolls.

This, of course, means that you are betting 1 unit of $1.00.


Your first bet is 11 if you WIN your next bet is 10. DOWN 1 UNIT ON WINS.

Your first bet is 11 if you LOSE your next bet is 12. UP 1 UNIT ON LOSES.

Now let us say your first bet of 11 won and your next bet of 10 lost.

The Stan’s system Part 2

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