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Betting Strategies-Pt. 3 The Zero Factor

The Zero Factor Betting System
Spin 10: 1 + 5 = 6. (This is true for all spins – check it!)
So, what’s the benefit here? The answer is: There is none! There is no benefit at all, because of the way we made the bets; we were betting as if we were two persons betting one side each, and at the end of the series we put our results together. This is obviously a dead-end but we can do exactly the same thing in a much better way: Betting the DIFFERENCE between the two bets (or between ALL bets, if you are betting something else). This means that you subtract the lowest bet (in units) from all bets – even itself, thereby making itself a zero unit bet (no bet). Have a look at the same sequence as above, bet this way:

SpinLow/HighBetDecisionWin/LoseAcc Net Result
11 Low + 1 HighWe bet Nothing as the two are equal25 High0
22 Low + 1 High We bet 1 on Low as 2 – 1 = 110 LowWin+1
31 Low + 2 High We bet 1 on High as 2 – 1 = 118 LowLose0
41 Low + 4 HighWe bet 3 on High as 4 – 1 = 325 HighWin+3
52 Low + 1 HighWe bet 1 on Low as 2 – 1 = 133 HighLose+2
64 Low + 1 HighWe bet 3 on Low as 4 – 1 = 37 LowWin+5
71 Low + 2 HighWe bet 1 on High as 2 – 1 = 130 HighWin+6
82 Low + 1 HighWe bet 1 on High as 2 – 1 = 17 LowWin+7
91 Low + 2 HighWe bet 1 on High as 2 – 1 = 1ZERO!Lose+6
102 Low + 4 HighWe bet 2 on High as 4 – 2 = 229 HighWin+8


As we saw above, when we actually bet both sides at the same time, the result after spin 8 was +7 units. This last way, the result is the same – exactly as all the other results before the eighth spin (check it). So there is still no benefit up to and including Spin 8! The truth is:

As long as the Zero doesn’t hit, the result of betting the difference will always be exactly the same as betting all sides at the same time. But when the Zero hits, only the difference is at stake thus losing less than if both sides had been bet – this is “The Zero Factor”.

Now compare the “added” result with the “difference” result after the 9th spin, when the Zero has hit: Betting both sides, the result is +4 but betting the difference keeps our result up at +6 – that’s two units more! And this difference will be the same for all future spins (as can be seen at Spin 10 where the “added” result is +6 while the “difference” result is +8) until the zero hits again when the difference will be even bigger.

As the last example in this part, I will show you how to calculate the “difference” bets when you are betting, for example, the Double Streets (6-numbers). Suppose your six bets – according to your six separate progressions – are: 5 + 6 + 2 + 6 + 2 + 3 for Streets 1 to 6 respectively. The lowest bet is 2 and this figure we subtract from all bets including the 2s themselves. This ends up in that for Streets 1 to 6 you shall bet: 3 + 4 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 1 (no bets on Streets 3 and 5). Whichever street wins, your result will be exactly the same in both cases (try it!) but if the Zero hits you will lose only 12 units betting the difference, compared to betting all streets when the loss would be 24 – you save HALF the bet!

This is saving money exploiting “The Zero Factor

In the second part, I will show you why a smaller bankroll is needed when betting both sides of “even” chances, compared to betting one side only. There is, however, something there even for you who bet the thirds or the streets as the savings are considerable using the “difference” instead of all sides – you always save more than one bankroll!

we learned that any kind of progression and any of the bets “Even”, Thirds or Streets, will benefit from betting the difference of an all-sides betting. But this way may at first appear expensive as you have to bet all sides – two bankrolls for Red/Black betting, three for Dozens etc. Please, let me assure you this is not so:

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