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Part 2: The Bankroll Benefit

The Zero Factor
The most obvious benefit is that you need one bankroll LESS than you would, had you bet the sum of all bets. So for betting Red/Black, you will only need one bankroll, for betting all the Dozens you need two, for the Double Streets five, and for the Single Streets, you will need eleven bankrolls. Let me explain why this is so:

The technique behind betting the difference is, as we saw in Part 1, to subtract the lowest bet from all bets. One consequence of this is that the lowest bet will reduce itself to nothing and this will happen every time you are betting. And then, as you actually completely delete one bet every time, you are saving one bankroll namely the bankroll handling the “lowest bet”.

But you don’t have a bankroll handling the lowest bets, only the Red/Black bankroll! Well, that doesn’t matter, really; as you are deleting one bet every spin, no matter what bet – this will even out in the long run – you are in fact deleting one complete bankroll, and deleting one bankroll means that one bankroll is saved. That’s why you only need

For betting RED and BLACK: 1 bankroll
For betting LOW and HIGH: 1 bankroll
For betting EVEN and ODD: 1 bankroll
For betting ALL COLUMNS: 2 bankrolls
For betting ALL DOZENS: 2 bankrolls
For betting ALL DOUBLE STREETS: 5 bankrolls
For betting ALL SINGLE STREETS: 11 bankrolls

But this is not all
: You will, in reality, need even less than that! This is due to the fact that you always subtract the lowest bet from all bets thus diminishing all bets to some degree – admittedly most of the time by one single unit only. But this is enough to give you a reduction of your bankroll needs and this is especially obvious for the “even” chances Red/Black, Low/High, or Even/Odd as the bankroll needed for betting both ways at the same time is LESS than what is needed for betting only one side! First, you delete one bet/bankroll so you will only need one. But then your lowest bet (that never will be actually bet) will reduce the other bet thus giving the result of a lower bet than what should have been bet in the original way.

Let’s look at it this way: We are going to bet the Martingale up to, and including, the third bet, thus the bankroll needed is 1 + 2 + 4 = 7 units (this is NOT a recommended way to play). If the third bet (4 units) is lost, we stop the game. Now, we hit the bad streak:

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