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Even Chances Betting System Explained

Jennifer Lynn Written by Jennifer Lynn
Richard Grant Reviewed by Richard Grant

Even Chances Betting System


The Unorthodox Even Chances betting system is an innovative approach that combines elements of the Martingale and Cancellation betting systems, tailored for games like roulette. This article explores how this method works and its potential for achieving profits.

Foundations of the System

  • Based on Two Systems: Integrates strategies from the Martingale and Cancellation systems.
  • Unique Bet Selection: Focuses on the even money chance (B/R, E/O, L/H) that appears most frequently in 15 roulette plays.

The Unorthodox Martingale and Cancellation Systems

Unorthodox Martingale

  • Random number sequence (e.g., 1-4-7-20-60-111).
  • Bet the next number in the sequence after a loss.

Unorthodox Cancellation

  • A line of 3-5 numbers (recommended 4), e.g., 11-4-7-3.
  • After a loss, bet the sum of the first and last numbers and add the loss to the end of the line.

Strategy and Examples

Martingale Strategy Example

Bet on the highest frequency even money chance from the last 15 plays. An actual game showed a profit of 28 units using this method.

Cancellation Strategy Example

For conservative play, end the game after one sequence win. An aggressive approach can continue with additional sequences. In an example game, the unorthodox cancellation resulted in a 75-unit profit over three sequences.

Considerations and Tips

  • Table Limits: Be aware of table limits, especially with the unorthodox cancellation system.
  • Number of Plays: For the Martingale, have enough bankroll for at least 5-6 plays.
  • Winning Goals: Aim for 2-3 wins with the Martingale and one-line sequence with the cancellation.


The Unorthodox Even Chances betting system offers a fresh perspective on traditional roulette strategies. Its flexibility allows players to adapt to the game’s flow and choose between conservative and aggressive play styles. While the unorthodox Martingale is more frequent in completing sequences, the unorthodox Cancellation tends to yield higher returns. As with any betting system, success depends on careful observation, strategic betting, and adapting to the game’s randomness.

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