Online Casinos USA FAQ


Is online gambling legal in the USA?

Laws differ from state to state so we strongly advise that before you start playing online casinos as a resident of the US, you check local laws relating to the state in which you reside.


Do the best casinos accept USA Dollars?

USD is the main currency used worldwide, so you will find that almost all online casinos that accept US players will allow them to play in USD.


How old do you have to be to gamble in the USA?

This differs from state to state with some allowing players as young as 18 to gamble. The average age is around 21 though so we suggest if you are around that age bracket you check the laws pertaining to your state before you try and gamble either online or offline to ensure you don’t fall foul of local laws.


Why should I gamble online in the USA as opposed to live?

Whilst most states do have land-based casinos to gamble in, some don’t and even for those that do, many players prefer to gamble online where possible as it is easier, quicker, and cheaper and there are more options online than land-based – This also applies to bonuses if you want to add one to increase your bankroll.


Is there a limit to the amount I can deposit and withdraw?

Casinos differ in terms of minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits, but we ensure that any online casino that accepts US players has a fair policy when it comes to this, especially when it comes to withdrawing winnings. You can rest assured that should you win big in any of the listed casinos, you will get your funds without too much trouble.


What are the casinos with the best bonuses?

This depends on what you consider to be the best bonus. Some online casinos will be better for new players wanting a good 1st deposit bonus, some want to have a no-deposit bonus to try a site before depositing whilst others want a good loyalty scheme or cashback offer for them to use. Decide the type of bonus/es that are most important to you and then research the best you’re your own specific needs.


As a US resident, do I need to pay taxes if I win?

If you win in local land-based casinos then yes. The US government requires a 25% tax on gambling winnings of over $600 at a horse track, $1,200 in a slot machine/bingo game, $1,500 in keno winnings, and $5,000 in poker tournaments. The same tax rules apply for US residents when playing in online casinos, irrespective of where the site is based. Residents can look to offset losses when working out taxes owed but we suggest speaking to a tax specialist to help with this. It can also differ from state to state so where you live can make a big difference in how much tax is payable on winnings.


Are American online casinos fair?

All the online casinos we recommend use a random number generator (RNG for short) to determine the outcome of a hand. Encryption software is also used to ensure results cannot be tampered with and player information is kept safe.

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