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The Winning Edge Betting System Explained

Winning Edge Roulette Betting System


The Winning Edge system is a straightforward yet effective strategy for roulette, focusing on even money bets. It requires discipline, a simple notepad, patience, and adherence to its rules. This article delves into how to implement this system to potentially earn a significant hourly profit.

Overview of the Winning Edge System

  • Even Money Bets: Utilize areas like red/black, odd/even, high/low.
  • Essentials: Pad, paper, and patience.
  • Financial Requirements:
    • $200 per hour goal: Use $5 chips with a $750 reserve.
    • $400 per hour goal: Use $10 chips with a $1500 reserve.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Series Notation: Note the series 1 1 2 on your pad.
  2. Consistent Betting: For this example, bet only on red.
  3. Betting Strategy:
    • Start: Bet the top number of your series (1 chip).
    • Win: Bet the sum of the top and bottom numbers on your list (e.g., 1 + 2 = 3 chips).
    • Lose: Add the lost amount to the bottom of your list and bet the top number.

Important Rules

  • After a Loss: Bet the top number on your list.
  • After a Win: Bet the total of the top and bottom numbers remaining.
  • Progression Example: A sequence of wins and losses alters your list, guiding your next bet.

Winning and Losing Mechanics

  • Wins: Cross out the bets you’ve won.
  • Losses: Add the number of chips lost to the bottom of your list.
  • Expected Outcome: On average, complete 10 series per hour.

Practical Play Tips

  • Tracking: Use a notepad to track your play (allowed in casinos).
  • Duration Variance: Series completion time can vary greatly.
  • Consistency: Stick to the system for optimal results.


The Winning Edge system offers a methodical approach to roulette, potentially turning gambling into a profitable venture. While it might reduce the traditional thrill of gambling, it increases the chances of consistent winnings. Remember, this system is not about high-risk thrills; it’s a strategic sideline for steady gains. Stick to the rules, track your plays, and maintain discipline to see the best results.

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Richard has from an early age been interested in casinos and the thrill of playing casino games. After finishing his degree in Law and business he started this platform in 2007 as a complete resource to online gaming with the primary objective of reducing the house edge for players. Specializing in game guides, reviews, and strategic insights, Richard is devoted to helping you hit the jackpot.
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